TRIVIA-Ironing a Khandoorah

TRIVIA-Ironing a Khandoorah

Did You Know?It takes 15 minutes to iron a Khandorah, and another 10 minutes to iron a Ghutrah ( pronounced wottrah).The Kandorah ( mens traditional dress) […]


Boxing Day -Meaning Behind The name, and its traditions. READ MORE HERE: Boxing Day Traditions King Wenceslas didn’t start Boxing Day, but the Church of England might […]
How to Style a

How to Style a Bed 18 ways

How to style a bed 18 different ways
How to Fold Fitted

How to Fold Fitted Sheets

How to Fold Fitted Sheets
How to put on

How to put on a Duvet Cover

How to put on a Duvet Cover
How to make the

How to make the perfect bed
The National -Maids Know

The National -Maids Know ur rights
Immigration Visa-Domestic Employees

Immigration Visa-Domestic Employees

The Procedures in applying for any Domestic Workers visa. ( This is correct at time of going to Press 4th June 2014) The application for “DOMESTIC […]
The Hidden Costs of

The Hidden Costs of Domestic Staff

The Real Hidden Costs of Sponsoring –Domestic Staff How a maids monthly salary of AED3,000 is actually costing the employer AED7,953 per month….something you may not […]
Hints and TIPS-Happiness in

Hints and TIPS-Happiness in Housekeeping!

45. A quick TIP-sweating and bedding!!! Did you know that we sweat litres of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis? Best way […]

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