What is Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co LLC ?

Jan 27, 2018
What is Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co

Tadbeer ( written on signage as TAD-BEER) is an initiative by  MOHRE ( Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization) for the handling of all domestic and household workers.

Tadbeer Service Centers will offer all ;

·        Recruitment and Placement

·        Visa and Entry processing of all documents

·        On -Demand Labour supply ( Full/ Part-time, Live In/Live Out )

·        Training and Orientation upon arrival

·        Conflict resolution between the employment parties

There are some 19 categories of workers including, including not limited to the following:

Maid-Nanny-Housekeeper-Cook-Butler-Driver-Personal Trainer-Personal Assistant-Private Security Guard-Private Nurse-Baby Sitter.

The Housekeeping Co offers years of experience in the recruitment, training and management of domestic workers, and has over the last 7 years offered Dubai's best cleaning service, believing that if staff are trained, supervised, and receive ongoing upskilling on or off the job training, foreign domestic workers can be the best of Housekeepers, Nannies, and Mothers helpers.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi lifestyle is hectic, more often than not families are requiring dual income, and with the mother away at work, the Housekeeping Co has managed to offer support in all Housekeeping and Nannying services throughout the last 7 years.

Tadbeer offers a centralized, highly visual center, where employers can come and select their own domestic and household worker ready to start work immediately, or can be consulted through a process of selection and recruitment of candidates ready to be deployed to their exact requirements.

Maids, Nannies, and Housekeepers and all other domestic household staff can visit the center if considering a change of employer . No fees are charged to the candidates, offering a fair and ethical hiring process to place them with employers who have selected a candidate based on their qualifications and skill sets.

We also offer training and certification of existing domestic staffing for employers who are re-negotiating salary (increase) or job descriptions of their existing workers.

Workers can come to our Tadbeer Centre and feel at home with native language speakers and trainers skilled in hospitality and household management, who offer training programs suitable for their new or existing job roles.

Employers also have greater security with new candidates seeking jobs, as they have all been hired fairly and ethically through the correct international protocol procedures. Tadbeer -Housekeeping Co also offers guarantee replacement, and ongoing training and management between the employing parties.

Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co hopes to welcome you soon to visit our centre.

Call : 04-706-0100




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