TIPS – Best Housekeeping Practices : Summer Jobs for your Maid while you are away

May 17, 2017
TIPS – Best Housekeeping

Did you know that we sweat liters of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis?

Best way to refresh your duvet and pillow is to remove the covers and place into direct sunlight for 30-40 minutes.

Alternatively, every month, place your pillows on a hot wash at 60oC and air dry in the sunlight direct.

Remove all mattress, headboards, and place into direct sunlight for as long as possible throughout a day.

This will remove all body odor smells, saliva, dried sweat etc!!!

Washing walls/cupboards and windows with a mild detergent or anti-bacteria solution in water, will remove any mildew, or spore forming bacterial growth.

Washing and sanitizing the A/C coils, grills, and inside of the unit itself, will assist in healthier air quality. Finish off the cleaning by swiping the grills with your favorite natural oils (we love to use T-Tree, Lemon or Orange ) as this really freshens up the rooms and feels much better air quality.


For full assistance in monitoring, supervising and mentoring your maid throughout your family vacation time, we recommend our weekly training and management program. At an extra AED1,100 pm a dedicated Housekeeper will make a weekly visit to deliver training and mentoring, and to share deep cleaning tips for summer and deep cleaning jobs.

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