Case Study

A Nepalese domestic worker can earn a minimum $25 per month in her own country working for another Nepalese family. Typically uneducated she is a basic cleaner and will not have been exposed to any western influence in regards to furnishing and fabrics, room layouts, and in particular to the modern appliance we commonly use in western influenced homes. According to our standard classification, she is a very junior maid, with salary banding of AED800-1,000 per month. ( $218-$273 which offers an increase salary of 772% -992%)

HOWEVER The Nepalese government have a minimum salary for FDW’s of AED 1,100 which means we have to raise our candidate pre-selection status with higher education attainment and or experience.

Source country minimum wage for a domestic worker in their native country, yet most have the ability to earn 700%++ increase by going to work abroad.

In Source Country working as a domestic worker Min salary Deployed as a FDW Minimum salary
Philippines $50-$105 $400
Nepal $25 $300
India $133 (not law) $300
Zimbabwe $85- $100 $300

Therefore it is critical to offer high recruitment selection and placement opportunities to both participating sides. And as such we follow principles and guidelines as follows:

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