Oct 16, 2016

SPEED INTERVIEWS -Mass Interviews-Speed Selection

Families looking for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers?

Open day for Sponsors and Candidates-Unique Matching Service


Sign up to a fast track speed interviews-

Professional environment with pre-approved Candidates.

Assistance with interview questions-and support throughout the whole process for both candidates and Families.

Families pay a one off fee of AED 250/-

Must complete all online application

selected and pre-approved candidates to interview

 If you are interested in meeting selected and suitable, pre-approved and vetted candidates who are available to start work immediately or within a 30 day period, then this is an ideal platform to interview in a safe and supportive environment.

 Come and interview –make your selection-we make offer of employment letter between the 2 parties, and we ensure the candidate and family understand the terms and conditions of the offer.

To apply online please go to JOBS on our website

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