What is Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co

What is Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co LLC ?

Tadbeer ( written on signage as TAD-BEER) is an initiative by MOHRE ( Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization) for the handling of all domestic and household workers.
Employing domestic staff: Are

Employing domestic staff: Are you fair and ethical?

In the near future, the UAE will be introducing new and much welcomed initiatives to protect foreign domestic workers, regulating how they are recruited and improving […]
Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies

Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies latest job roles and responsibilities

Domestic Workers Classification Dubai Maids, Housekeepers and Nannies . Salary for a Maid in Dubai. Job Description for a Nanny in the UAE. Housekeepers Role and Responsibility. Domestic Workers […]
The Housekeeper: duties and

The Housekeeper: duties and responsibilities

A Housekeeper : Qualified by having worked for a family for minimum 3 years with emphasis on childcare, Cooking Or having completed the Trainee Housekeeper program. […]
The Maid :duties and

The Maid :duties and responsibilities

What is a Maid?, What are her capabilities? A basic “fetch-carry-iron-make-clean-mop-prepare” Must be given regular supervision, and instructions. Performs better in family situations, where the women/woman […]
Dubai Maids –Salary Debate

Dubai Maids –Salary Debate

Is there anything more frustrating than happily engaging a new housemaid, to find out she changed her mind 5 minutes after the visa was printed? How […]
Did You Know –

Did You Know – Hints +Tips

Did you know….A Quick Tip The A/C……do we leave it ON/Off…. And summer respiratory problems associated with sick building syndrome. Asthma, throat infections, blocked or running […]
Trivia-Did you know?

Trivia-Did you know?

A quick TIP-sweating and bedding!!! Did you know that we sweat litres of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis? Best way to refresh your […]
Nanny-Housekeeper for August/September

Nanny-Housekeeper for August/September

Plan ahead for after the summer holidays Nanny-Housekeeper- Just like any other “maid” “nanny” or “domestic helper”-only Better Nanny-Housekeeper Works-5 days a week, -1 day […]
Did You Know –

Did You Know – Hints +Tips

Dubai Summers!!-Did you know if you hang your laundry outside at this time of year, you are most likely to damage the laundry by sun bleaching. […]

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