The reality of a

The reality of a maid on their 'own visa'

If you are looking for a maid or nanny and find one who says they have their "own visa", you should be very wary.
How to keep your

How to keep your home healthy

To mark World Health Day, Housekeeping Co has come up with some top tips to keep your home as healthy as possible.
How to choose the

How to choose the right nanny

It can be difficult to know where to start when hiring a nanny in Dubai, so here are some of the steps you can take to make your search easier.
The difference between a

The difference between a maid and a nanny

If you are looking to hire a worker to help in your home, it's important to know the difference between a maid and a nanny.
The benefits of hiring

The benefits of hiring a nanny in Dubai

If you have been considering a nanny, hiring a reliable worker brings a host of benefits to you and your family, making day-to-day life much less stressful.
Housekeeping Co Support Brothers

Housekeeping Co Support Brothers 'N Oars as they take on Pacific Ocean challenge

Housekeeping Co will be supporting and sponsoring the team of four men, Brothers 'N Oars, who are taking on a non-stop 4,800km of the Pacific Ocean in June.
The Dubai nannies that

The Dubai nannies that became 'part of the family' - International Women's Day 2023

To celebrate IWD2023, we wanted to highlight some incredible domestic workers, so we spoke to three Dubai families, all of whom have employed the same nanny for over a decade. You can read their stories here.
Wage Protection System (WPS)

Wage Protection System (WPS) for domestic workers - the changes you need to be aware of

A full rundown of all the mandatory WPS changes coming into force on April 1, 2023
Moving your nanny back

Moving your nanny back to the UK

Information on the visa options available if you wish to bring your Dubai nanny or domestic worker back to the UK.
Housekeeping Co welcomes Philippines

Housekeeping Co welcomes Philippines delegation for World Government Summit 2023

Housekeeping Co welcomed a visit from the Philippines official delegation for the World Government Summit 2023 at our Tadbeer centre.

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