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Domestic Workers is owned and managed by Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services LLC (an affiliate of Housekeeping Co LLC).

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Our Mission

To offer fair hiring for foreign domestic workers world-wide, to support families in their effective engagement and relationship management, and to train every foreign domestic worker and up-skill set in becoming the best of what they can do.


Industry Leader

The Housekeeping Co was established in 2011, and pioneered the way ahead for industry change in the domestic service and commercial cleaning industry. Expert in securing safe corridors for migrant domestic workers, and has published an industry guideline: Domestic Workers Classification (job classification and salary scale), specific to the UAE and GCC. The company offers foreign domestic workers on-going training and development. Pioneering education via technology and web-based platforms, and also offers native language speakers to give a one-one teaching in the privacy of their residences.

Sponsoring families rely on the Housekeeping Co to navigate their way ethically in recruitment and management of their foreign domestic worker. The Housekeeping Co. has positively changed the lives of the foreign domestic workers in offering them transparency of placement, employment contract. The ongoing training and developing ensures up-skilling their qualifications.

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Our Mobile App

Find & Hire Quickly
This feature allows clients to quickly and efficiently find and hire a maid or nanny. Browse profiles, check availability, and hire domestic workers with just a few taps.
Contract Management
This tool simplifies the management of contracts for domestic workers. Clients can easily renew, replace, or cancel contracts directly through the App, making the administrative process smoother.
Training Program
The App features a comprehensive training program designed to upskill domestic workers. It includes various modules that teach new skills and enhance existing ones, helping workers to improve their capabilities.
Visa Service and Tracking
Clients can manage and track the visa application process for their domestic workers through the App. This includes submission of necessary documents, monitoring of application status, and receiving updates.
Users can raise tickets for any concerns or assistance they need. The helpdesk is designed to provide quick and efficient resolutions to issues, ensuring a seamless experience for users.
Priority Service
Use the App for enhanced support with our Priority Customer Service, offering benefits that ensure prompt and efficient handling of your inquiries.
Our App

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