Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies

Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies latest job roles and responsibilities

Domestic Workers Classification Dubai Maids, Housekeepers and Nannies . Salary for a Maid in Dubai. Job Description for a Nanny in the UAE. Housekeepers Role and Responsibility. Domestic Workers […]
The Housekeeper: duties and

The Housekeeper: duties and responsibilities

A Housekeeper : Qualified by having worked for a family for minimum 3 years with emphasis on childcare, Cooking Or having completed the Trainee Housekeeper program. […]
The Maid :duties and

The Maid :duties and responsibilities

What is a Maid?, What are her capabilities? A basic “fetch-carry-iron-make-clean-mop-prepare” Must be given regular supervision, and instructions. Performs better in family situations, where the women/woman […]
AED2,500 per month -Maid-Nanny-Housekeepers

AED2,500 per month -Maid-Nanny-Housekeepers

Its Urgent to plan Plan ahead for after the summer holidays Everybody will be looking at the same time-don’t settle for anything but the best. Housekeeping […]
Dubai Maids –Salary Debate

Dubai Maids –Salary Debate

Is there anything more frustrating than happily engaging a new housemaid, to find out she changed her mind 5 minutes after the visa was printed? How […]
Did You Know –

Did You Know – Hints +Tips

Did you know….A Quick Tip The A/C……do we leave it ON/Off…. And summer respiratory problems associated with sick building syndrome. Asthma, throat infections, blocked or running […]
We let of Steam

We let of Steam , so as you dont have to!

We let off steam so as you don’t have to!Full and Part-time Housekeeping service in your area.Call Professional Help in all domestic chores. Full and […]
Nanny-Housekeeper-Ready for end of

Nanny-Housekeeper-Ready for end of August

Plan ahead for after the summer holidays Nanny-Housekeeper- Just like any other “maid” “nanny” or “domestic helper”-only Better Nanny-Housekeeper Works-5 days a week, -1 day […]
Trivia-Did you know?

Trivia-Did you know?

A quick TIP-sweating and bedding!!! Did you know that we sweat litres of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis? Best way to refresh your […]
Families Looking for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Families Looking for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Are you looking for a Nanny-Maid-Housekeeper?- We assist you in sponsoring your own, with NO recruitment fees. The Recruit-Train and Manage Program Works-5 days a week, […]

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