Tadbeer Center -Maids Visa-Renewal

Tadbeer Center -Maids Visa-Renewal and New Entry VISA-where and How ?

Renewing or New Entry Visa for Maids-where and how, documents required
Documents Required  to

Documents Required to Sponsor or Renew a Maids Visa in Dubai, UAE

Tadbeer Centers are the new official agencies authorised by MoHRE ) Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation ) for all typing and issuing of Visa Entry permits, renewal, cancellations, and absconding cases for all domestic and household workers. Open 8am-8pm Daily Except Fridays
Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

We are offering Free Training and Certification for all Domestic and Household Workers
Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Maids-Complete beginners and Training Courses to Support them
Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Training Courses for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers The Maids in Dubai, who come in search of a job require a lot of training and upskilling
TAW-TEEN (Emiratization)

TAW-TEEN (Emiratization)

Did you know that Taw-teen is the gateway to hiring Emiratis?
Domestic Workers and Employers

Domestic Workers and Employers in the Arab State

This White Paper presents promising practices and innovative models to ensure a productive working relationship for both domestic workers and employers in the Arab States.
Child Care and Caring

Child Care and Caring for the Elderly -a Growing Trend

On International Women’s Day, International Labour Organization (ILO) regional director for Arab States Dr. Ruba Jaradat calls on societies and governments to recognize the contribution of women care workers who uphold our economies.
The Childcare expectation in

The Childcare expectation in Dubai ( Maids and Nannies)

What do we expect from agencies who supply a babysitting service to look after our children.?

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