All about attention to the detail in Housekeeping, Laundry and cleaning. Learn about Check Lists and Laundry, Daily-Weekly-Monthly-Spring Cleaning, Step-by-Step Laundry care, Step-by-Step Car Cleaning. This is a fun course for all the take and offers great attention to detail and moves a maid from being sloppy into a self starter and self motivated Housekeeper. It is also fun for all teenagers as a survival guide to leaving home and going into university/overseas study. Taught by Ex-Royal and Diplomatic Service Butler.


Learn Methods Of Housekeeping, Step-by-Step –In the Home cleaning( all rooms), Bedroom-Bathroom-Living Room-Kitchen

4 Hour Housekeeping

Suitable for all new maids and inexperienced housekeepers. Learn how to effectively manage Housekeeping inside 4 hours, what to do, where to start, how to multi-task. Setting your Housekeeping Manual and Time Table.

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