The Housekeeper: duties and responsibilities

Jul 19, 2016
The Housekeeper: duties and

A Housekeeper : Qualified by having worked for a family for minimum 3 years with emphasis on childcare, Cooking Or having completed the Trainee Housekeeper program.

A Good All-rounder. She is organised, and can plan and execute her own working routine, understand written instruction, follow a basic recipe, and give feedback to the lady of the home. She can cook/prepare with knowledge of 10 dishes. High presentation skills. Excellent at Laundry care, and Ironing. Understands the differences of deep cleaning and daily cleaning and time management for each job/task.

She will know how to do practical things like change a light bulb, remove voile’s for washing, and clean the inside of a car efficiently with detailing.

She is considered a specialist in running the family home

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