The Childcare expectation in Dubai ( Maids and Nannies)

Mar 11, 2018
The Childcare expectation in

What do we expect from agencies who supply a babysitting service to look after our children.?

Baby-sitting services have traditionally been supplied by “maid” agencies in Dubai. These agencies were predominantly only licensed to supply cleaning services, and hence that renders any qualification of accountability and liability should anything happen to our children under care.

Another growing route has seen the source of “nannies” coming from specialised “Baby Nursing Agencies” who have been offering areas of expertise in post delivery care, mother and baby support breast feeding etc…and then of course we have the registered “nursing agencies “ offering all sorts of specialised and qualified nurses from a variety of back grounds.

A nurse is only qualified in the field she took to specialise in. Therefore, a general nursing degree does not mean she is a qualified nor perhaps even interested in child caring and baby-sitting. If she has had working experience in her home country it is more likely she has entered general wards, hospital triage, clinics, dental and surgery to assist her highly experienced and qualified doctors and medical staff in their fields of excellence.

Unlike the UK and many parts of Europe, there are very few counties that offer child-care, and nanny programs in certified or degree qualifications.

The difference between a Nanny and a Child Minder can be explained here :

A registered nanny and child carer in the UK offers the following in qualifications and legally must be registered with the government on the following  with a DBS check ( Police clearance )

We currently do not have the system in place for background checking and certification for registered childminders here in the UAE, however in the UK it has a strict protocol for all connected to the industry

Thankfully a new UAE federal law has granted both the domestic and household workers and employing parties a protected system under the new Tad-beer Service Centres with full MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation ) contracts to support job roles and responsibilities.

Tad-beer Service Centres will offer the employment parties a greater platform of understanding in regard to expectation, duties and responsibilities.

For further information on Tad-Beer service centres:

Tadbeer -Housekeeping Co.

FAB Metro Station ( Exit2)

Sheikh Zayed Road



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