Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies latest job roles and responsibilities

Aug 22, 2016
Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies

Domestic Workers Classification

Dubai Maids, Housekeepers and Nannies . Salary for a Maid in Dubai.   Job Description for a Nanny in the UAE. Housekeepers Role and Responsibility.  Domestic Workers Classification is an industry guideline offering:  job description;   job roles & responsibilities, and guideline salary scale specific to the GCC.

Expat and younger Emirati families  are looking to hire qualified nannies who can responsibly look after children, particularly if parents are working full time . With added  responsibility of swimming pools, cooking of meals, school pick up, special needs, ensuring homework is completed. This added responsibility of  managing a home, requires higher skill-set than a cheap and affordable junior maid.

Labour brokers ( maid agencies ) historically have brought in cheap junior maids from supply source countries. Typically maids from Philippines, SriLanka, and Nepal can earn anywhere between $25-$100 per month in their own countries CASE STUDY . These maids and nannies “brokered” here into  Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE) and have little or no education. They  have no understanding of modern appliances, or experience in maintaining quality furnishings. Usually they require on the job training and  on going supervision  to learn quality laundry care ,  ironing and solid household management.

In Expat families throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is common that female head of household usually assumes  that a maid or nanny “just know’s” how to do basic housework and childcare . This lack of understanding and effective communication obviously leads to frustration and in most cases hardship to the maid.

Asking the following questions For a FDW who claims she has childcare experience. 

Name a baby formula “.  Most are incapable of remembering or answering the question at all.!

furthermore when interviewing a candidate for job as housekeeper  ask the following;

What temperature would you typically iron blue jeans ?” and  “What material are jeans made from (Synthetic-Cotton or Linen)” . Most candidates cannot answer elementary housekeeping questions, yet few families ask these basic questions at interview stages.

The Housekeeping Co will ensure that all candidates ( maids, housekeepers and nannies) are fully vetted, attested and categorized as per the Domestic Workers Classification. Families are matched accordingly to their needs as per their pre-selected category of worker.

Looking for a Maid, Housekeeper or Nanny in the Dubai or Abu Dhabi , UAE 

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