The Maid :duties and responsibilities

Jul 19, 2016
The Maid :duties and

What is a  Maid?, What are her capabilities?

A basic “fetch-carry-iron-make-clean-mop-prepare”

Must be given regular supervision, and instructions.

Performs better in family situations, where the women/woman is at home giving instructions, and overseeing performance, training and development.

In many cases she will be excellent at ironing, laundry, looking after specific clothes (Kids clothes, Abayas, evening dress, Khandorahs, etc) or hard basic cleaning (bathrooms, corridors, bedrooms etc.) but will have limited presentation skills, and she doesn’t have a high level of expectation for promotion.

Maids can also be assigned particular members of a family to look after their needs from rising until bedtime, and may even accompany them on shopping, travel, overseas trips etc.

Maids can be lead in a general direction of training and development for promotion.  Qualifying as COOKS / Housekeepers/ Housekeeper-Nannies.

Dedicated Maids are typically unmarried, and have come from poorer farming/country backgrounds, with minimal education, yet can thrive with education and training

If her basic needs are met (clean comfortable bed, food, and is generally nurtured and treated well by the family with salary paid on time) she can end up working for the same family for many years. There are many examples in the UAE of maids having worked for the same family for 10-15+ years.

Maids generally work well with other same culture/nationality, and are supportive of each other. They may even have their own family members working for the same employment family.

Ambitious maids, who are treated well, and are happy in their family, make excellent candidates to train under the Recruit-Train and Manage Program. They value learning, and enjoy the experiences. They make excellent candidates .

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