The Hidden Costs of

The Hidden Costs of Domestic Staff

The Real Hidden Costs of Sponsoring –Domestic Staff How a maids monthly salary of AED3,000 is actually costing the employer AED7,953 per month….something you may not […]
Hints and TIPS-Happiness in

Hints and TIPS-Happiness in Housekeeping!

45. A quick TIP-sweating and bedding!!! Did you know that we sweat litres of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis? Best way […]

How to Effectively Engage Domestic Staff ( UAE)

Terms and Conditions for an employment contact: ( Article #102) It the easiest thing in the world, to be over grateful and zealous either as a […]

Office Boy/Girl

We offer bespoke courses to advance skill-set the very staff who are often ignored or left to get on with a “simple” job.

Advance Skill Set

Housekeepers-Excellent for improving your skills in all areas, (not suitable for beginners.) This course is also suitable for teenagers who may be leaving home to study abroad and require good housekeeping management skills. In this course you will learn extra special Laundry care, Housekeeper /Butler, How to serve guests-how to greet - how to present guests, social skills and culturally acceptable deportment.

Housekeeping Qualified

This course is to develop, train, mentor, and manage the best from your full time staff. It involves a full day once a week, which consists of Classroom Teaching, English Language, and Afternoon Hospitality site visits. This system is designed to build the educational interaction with practical methodology, and to experience the bigger picture with Hospitality site visits. Taught by Ex Butler and Royal Service Housekeeping Staff. Language is specific to Housekeeping, Hospitality and Household Management and will deliver a course from beginners to proficient over the 12 months.


All about attention to the detail in Housekeeping, Laundry and cleaning. Learn about Check Lists and Laundry, Daily-Weekly-Monthly-Spring Cleaning, Step-by-Step Laundry care, Step-by-Step Car Cleaning. This is a fun course for all the take and offers great attention to detail and moves a maid from being sloppy into a self starter and self motivated Housekeeper. It is also fun for all teenagers as a survival guide to leaving home and going into university/overseas study. Taught by Ex-Royal and Diplomatic Service Butler.


Learn Methods Of Housekeeping, Step-by-Step –In the Home cleaning( all rooms), Bedroom-Bathroom-Living Room-Kitchen

4 Hour Housekeeping

Suitable for all new maids and inexperienced housekeepers. Learn how to effectively manage Housekeeping inside 4 hours, what to do, where to start, how to multi-task. Setting your Housekeeping Manual and Time Table.

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