Our wonderful Ethiopian lady has bravely fought cancer. For the last 7 months she underwent Chemo, Mastectomy , and is completing her final cycle of medication.(targeted therapy).

cancer lady

She is a Pink Warrior and an inspiration to all our staff.

Having now gained her Medical ‘All Clear’ last month, we are celebrating with Aynalem, and want to find her a supportive family where she can regain her independence and be fulfilled through her work. Anylem says “I can’t wait to get back to my normal self and I want to contribute to a new family.”

More About Aynalem

Work Experience

All our staff love Aynalem, as she has carried herself with dignity and grace and never complained. She will be a great support to a family looking for a female companion who may be undergoing the same breast cancer/mastectomy issues

Ariel, Vice Principal, Housekeeping Institute.

To Interview Special Support Domestic Worker

We are externally grateful to the #UAE #DHA for their #Basma program, and to all the medical professionals who were kind and supportive to her throughout this journey.

We are grateful every day.

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