Housekeeping Co Celebrates International

Housekeeping Co Celebrates International Mother Language Day

Today we celebrate the impact all of our mother languages have on our industry, company and society.
How a nanny can

How a nanny can benefit stay-at-home moms

Being a stay-at-home mom comes with its challenges, so here are some of the reasons to consider full-time live-in help.
Hiring a Private Family

Hiring a Private Family Nurse – What to Expect

If you are interested in hiring a family nurse, read our guide to understand the benefits, responsibilities and settling-in process.
International Day of Education:

International Day of Education: The importance of education for domestic workers

Housekeeping Co will continue to campaign for the education, training and upskilling of domestic workers and uphold their learning model.
28 Dubai Neighbourhoods Given

28 Dubai Neighbourhoods Given New Names in 2024

Many areas of Dubai have now been given new titles you will need to remember.
The Importance of National

The Importance of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

On January 11th we stand with organisations and workers globally to mark National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, 2024.
Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services

Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services LLC win 1st Emirates Labour Market Award

Housekeeping were honoured for their dedicated efforts to provide exceptional services for domestic workers and families alike.
Breast Cancer Awareness 2023

Breast Cancer Awareness 2023 - Conduct a Self-Examination Today

For Breast Cancer Awareness month 2023, Housekeeping Co are encouraging all of our domestic workers to conduct a self-examination, and we will support them if anything is discovered.
Housekeeping Co celebrates Share

Housekeeping Co celebrates Share Your Smile Campaign

This week, Housekeeping Co had the pleasure of putting on a special welcome for one of our Dubai families to share more about Angelman Syndrome, and help spread awareness of the condition.
Housekeeping Co congratulates esteemed

Housekeeping Co congratulates esteemed team member on university achievement

Khalid Atiq, a Customer Happiness Consultant at Housekeeping Co’s Tadbeer center, has now graduated from his bachelor’s degree with Summa Cum Laude, the highest level of commendation

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