TRIVIA-Ironing a Khandoorah

Dec 27, 2015
TRIVIA-Ironing a Khandoorah

Did You Know?
It takes 15 minutes to iron a Khandorah, and another 10 minutes to iron a Ghutrah ( pronounced wottrah).
The Kandorah ( mens traditional dress) a challenge to iron properly, and requires precise attention to detail, with NO over creasing.
The Ghutrah……takes ironing precision to another level. No respecting Emirati would ever wear an ironed Ghutrah that has a double crease ironing mistake….men place the middle of the large triangle fold to the front of their head..the crease must be ironed only once, and to a level of precision, that it “stands” or “peaks”…the art is not to then continue to iron it all the way in a line to the back…..its just a peak!…all corners must match exactly, and no over ironing line creases!

Does your maids need ironing techniques?…

IRONING Classes-  9-11am.(IBRI House) followed by an afternoon visit to laundry companies.
Cost AED 250/- ( +Certificate-Housekeeping Level 1)

Pick up and drop off from your loctaion
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