Jan 17, 2016

 Live In Maids-Nannies and Housekeepers

 No Recruitment Fees

Looking for a Live-In a Maid-Nanny-Housekeeper?– The Housekeeping Co are offering an ethical solution for Dubai families looking for quality live-in foreign domestic workers.

We ethically recruit on your behalf, train and manage them throughout their 24 month program.

They work and live in your home like any “maid” “nanny” or “domestic helper”…they are Housekeepers under training working 5 days a week-1 Day off, (usually Fridays), and a further day for training and development, (usually a Saturday.) 

Fees AED 6,500

• Country Source Costs-and all Deployment Costs-(100% Ethical -Candidate arrives debt free and incurs no costs associated with getting a job)      

(AED 6,500)

• GDRFA-Immigration-Your Sponsorship Fees (Non-Emirati /Expat) ( AED 8,500)     * subject to change if UAE VISA fees increase. 

• PRO and Legal Services (VISA Process) (AED 1,500)


We charge thereafter a monthly fee of AED 2,500 which includes the following;

       Monthly Salary Paid AED 1,500

       Classroom Housekeeping Training and mentoring once a week

·       Professionally trained and Mentored by leading hospitality experts.

·       Collection and Drop off from your residence

·       365 days Call Center Support with native language Supervisors. 

       All Human Resources *

       HR-Compliance Management**


( *payment of salary, Job Roles, Integration and orientation into the job, full staff HR support, Sick Leave replacement option, Extra Cover option, HR-Disciplinary, HR-Motivation, HR Appraisals, Vacation Entitlement, Holiday Cover, Supervision/Check Up when family on Vacation…)

**Compliance management -full mentoring and compliance management between sponsor family and Trainee Housekeeper.

Training minimum as per the ILO (International Labour Organization) Regional Model Competency Standard Series –Domestic Workers Asia-Pacific.

 Further Detail:

Recruitment Process

·       The Housekeeping Co. ethically Recruit Trains and Manages domestic employees on behalf of the Sponsor

·       Ethical recruitment is done with NO fees been charged to the candidate, and the candidate is chosen on her qualifications, and Not on the ability to pay agency fees. 

·       This is called Ethical recruitment, and supportive of ANTI-human Trafficking .This allows the Trainee Housekeeper to arrive stress free, with no debt bondage or on going pressures to make huge interest repayments on behalf of their families.

Finding your perfect Maid-Nanny-Housekeeper (Trainee Housekeeper)

·       All Trainee Housekeepers must be educated to Grade 12 in English language taught curriculum.

·       They must be debt free, and willing to undergo a 24 month Trainee Housekeeper Program (with Emphasis on either Childcare Management or Cooking and Service or advanced Housekeeping)

·       Their job description is clear and defined in exactly the hours, expectations, accommodation, location, and a brief is given about the family before the candidate departs from their country of origin.

·       Their starting salary to the program is guaranteed at $300-$400,( AED1,500) with all living expenses being paid by the family. At the end of their 24 months, candidates will be guaranteed a salary of $600- $800 (AED3, 000) per month. WE as a compliance management company are no longer required.

 Transparency of Contract

The candidate is offered a contract that does not vary upon arrival into the UAE. There is tri- party agreement between:

(1) The Sponsor

(2) Candidate-

(3) Compliance Management Co (The Housekeeping Co ).

 Contractual Compliance Management

·       The Housekeeping Co will take upfront payment from the Sponsoring families to ensure that the Trainee Housekeepers salary is paid on the last working Saturday of each month.

·       The Employment Contract stipulates detailed job description, training program, Salary and Benefits, Hours, and holiday and end of service entitlement.

·       The Contract between the Sponsoring family and Housekeeping Co sets out the clear responsibilities, codes of conduct, Sponsor responsibility, Sponsor liability, and Sponsor Compliance in advancing their Trainee Housekeeper through the training and development program.

 The Sponsor (Family)

·       Families will be visited prior to an allocation of any Housekeeping Trainee, and will be supported throughout the 24 months.

·       Families are considered to be a HOST, with the responsibility to provide approved accommodation, bed space, attached bathroom, and agree to supply food and all personal grocery shopping being paid as part of family expenses.

·       Families have the choice to have their Housekeeper learn an emphasis in: (1) Childcare Management or

(2) Cooking & Service, or

(3) Advance Housekeeping Practices.

 The Support

·       Housekeeping Co will handle all recruitment, and all required embassy, and overseas labor office red tape. All Application for UAE visa done by our PRO services.

·       Ongoing management includes job description, settling in, job scope, and a full Housekeeping Manual for the new Trainee.

·       Dedicated Native Language Supervisor allocated to Each Family

·       Your new trainee Housekeeper will attend classroom tuition once a week, followed by afternoon excursions to places of educational interest.

·       They will be collected and dropped off at your residence* extra surcharge may apply for gate passes/permits into communities, and or out with specific areas.

·       She is your family Housekeeper, under your sponsorship, living in….we are the conduit to getting the best from your Housekeeper, and maintaining her interest, training and development throughout her 24 month training.

·       Our call center is manned 365 days, to offer advice and support.

·       Our drivers will collect your Housekeeper once a week to attend Training (on days best to suit your routine) and drop her back after her training.

·       The Housekeeping Co can send in a replacement on training days, and have the ability to support in times of sickness or vacation leave.

·       We also look after your residence and Housekeeper when you go on Vacation, just give us a call, and our dedicated Housekeeping Supervisor will ensure your Housekeeper is occupied and doing her job in your absence.

Benefits to the Sponsor

·       Peace of mind that the candidate will arrive ethically sourced.

·       Candidate is willing, and fully knowledgeable of what duties and responsibilities

·       365 Day of Support 

·       Strong communication between Sponsor and trainee Housekeeper

·       Empowering the development of a foreign migrant worker to raise her social status through educational development and economic freedom.

·       Longer Retention of Staff

·       Happiness in knowing that you are supporting Ethical Recruitment and Anti-Human Trafficking Measures.

·       Making a difference to a woman’s life, her family, and YOURS. 

Happiness in Housekeeping!

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