Professional – Nanny Housekeeper

Jan 25, 2016
Professional – Nanny Housekeeper

Nannies / Housekeepers  work usually 5 days a week (10-12 hours a day duty). Primarily role is to look after the needs of the children, drive them to school, attend after school clubs, supervise homework, and generally keep them safe and secure until the parents come home from work. Nannies will supervise / or make the children’s meals in a healthy and nutritious manner according to the parents wishes.

Generally they will perform light housekeeping duties in relation to the childrens needs ( their rooms/laundry etc)…

 All Nannies usually have recognized formal qualifications and solid experience with references, and extra checking like the CRB (Police).

They may also have extra certification in special care needs, sporting activities, EG: swimming, horse riding, and maybe bi-or tri lingual.

A basic starter for salary, living-in, and all expenses paid, would start from AED8,500 – 10,500 per month and rising dependent upon the experience, qualification, and age.

Throughout our proces, We make all the interviews, and select one suitable candidate (until the perfect Nanny is found) you will usually interview on SKYPE, or attend our offices to interview a suitable candidate. We check all references and CRB records, prior to any formal engagement letter being issued.

Once you have interviewed and accepted, we make a job offer on your behalf, to secure their position. We go through her terms and conditions, and job specification as per your remit, so as she fully understands what is required, and that there is no miss-understanding of the engagement ahead.

She will attend our Housekeeping Institute for skill set evaluation/testing and training over the next 2-3 days, while you are going through the visa process. Once you have made the typing, and have the employment visa, she is then available to move into your home, and start her employment officially. We encourage and support you in getting her integrated into your routine, but the rest is really up to you to ensure her smooth transition.

What does it Cost? HR Housekeeping-recruitment Fees: AED 15,000.

50% of the fees are due to initiate the job, (non-refundable) and 50% are due when she starts work.

If she doesn’t work out within 3 months, we shall endeavor to find a suitable replacement at no extra fees.

Sponsorship Costs All sponsorship fees must be paid direct to typing, Immigration, medical etc. by the prospective employer.

What Next ? A brief account of what you are expecting, family set-up, and your location.

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