Trainee Housekeeper Program ( Recruit-Train and Manage)

Feb 10, 2016
Trainee Housekeeper Program (

The Maid-The Nanny-The Housekeeper-An Ideal Candidate

 All Candidates are thoroughly vetted and assessed, and matched according to each family’s requirement.

 The Host Family (The Sponsor)

Families will be visited prior to an allocation of any candidate, and will be supported throughout the 24 months.

Families are considered to be a HOST, with the responsibility to provide approved accommodation, bed space, attached bathroom, and agree to supply food and all personal grocery shopping being paid as part of family expenses.

Families have the choice to have their Housekeeper learn an emphasis in:

  • Childcare and Maternity Nursing
  • Cooking, and Service
  • Advance Housekeeping


The Support

Housekeeping Co will handle all recruitment, Embassy, and overseas labour administration. WE ease you through the stressful process of UAE sponsoring, and manage the whole process from beginning to end.

Ongoing management includes job description, settling in, job scope, and a full Housekeeping Manual for the new Trainee.

Your new Trainee Housekeeper will attend classroom tuition once a week, (usually Saturdays) followed by afternoon excursions to places of educational interest.

She is your family Housekeeper, under your sponsorship, living in….we are the conduit to getting the best from your Housekeeper, and maintaining her interest, training and development throughout her 24 month traineeship.

Our call centre is manned 365 days, and your trainee will be assigned to a dedicated Native Language Housekeeping Supervisor, specifically assigned to your Trainee Housekeeper throughout her 24 month program.

 If required The Housekeeping Co can send in replacement Housekeeper on training days, and have the ability to support in times of sickness or vacation leave.


Great Benefits to YOU!-the Host Family

  • We offer continued support and guidance throughout the 24 months period.
  • No more run-aways
  • No more lazy depressed maids
  • 365 Day support and Emergency Assistance.
  • Effective Communication.=Greater Understanding
  • Professional Industry Expertise
  • Longer retention of staff
  • Protective Supervision for Families in times of Vacation
  • Higher Efficiency and Productivity throughout the working days
  • We also look after your residence and Housekeeper when you go on Vacation, just give us a call, and our dedicated Housekeeping Supervisor will ensure your Housekeeper is occupied and doing her job in your absence.


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