Feb 02, 2016

The real hidden cost of sponsoring a domestic worker. One of the most common topics that is discussed among most expatriate families in Dubai is the cost of sponsoring a domestic maid in Dubai, and the frustration of not being able to retain staff beyond a year.

When we talk about the cost for sponsoring a maid, various hidden costs are generally not considered.  Most of us generally do the quick math of the monthly salary and the visa charges, but the real cost of recruiting full-time help for your home is much higher. Due to market pressures the average monthly salary of a domestic maid is AED 2500, however the actualized costs to the employer can be AED 8,883 per month.

With the help of Housekeeping Co., we’ve put together a full breakdown to understand the costs of sponsoring a domestic housekeeper. The Housekeeping Co also offers a total solution and alternative to the current situation, by offering a recruit-train and manage program for all host families. Host families are matched with ethically recruited trainee Housekeepers, who are debt free, and are qualified to enter into a 2 year contract with families, whereby they will work full time, in the family’s home, and at same time be trained and managed by the Housekeeping Co under the *Trainee Housekeeping Program.

Full details


Table of costs:

Costs are written off over a 12 month period ( 1 year contract)

Type of costs

Cost description

Option 1

You find your own maid


Higher Salary

Option 2 (AED/monthly)

You find your own maid.

Lowest Salary

WE Recruit-Train and Manage

*Trainee Housekeeping Program-Ethical


Monthly Salary Received




Agency Recruitment Fees ( Optional)

Cost currently range from AED15,00-AED27,000…let us assume AED15,000/12 months




Sponsorship costs

This includes costs for processing a visa, immigration, deposits, Emirates ID, medical insurance, and/or visa status change. AED 8,560.

The Trainee Housekeeping Program involves ethical recruitment, and sponsorship whereby the candidate does not pay any agency fees, or costs involved in getting the job in your family. They come direct from source countries and have been vetted on their qualification, and NOT on the ability to pay for a job overseas.

( Family investment AED16,500 written off over 24 months)





The allocation of costs per SQFT for a maid’s room based on the rental.

Villa: The average rent of a (3-4 bedroom) villa in popular communities in Dubai is AED 300,000. Based on the average size and how much space is allocated to the maid’s living space which include the room and bathroom, the rent for that space is roughly AED 2,500 a month.  

Apartment: Large apartments that are built with maid room’s can reach up to AED 150,000 per year. With that rent cost in mind, the rent for the maid’s living space can be calculated to AED 1,666.





Room furniture

Basic furnishing and maintenance of the maid’s room and bathroom can cost you about AED 1,200.




Return flight and holiday, as per DNRD( Immigration contract article 2+3.)

The cost of a round-trip ticket             ( 2,100) plus one month holiday a year ( one month salary)




Extra costs

Food allowance = AED 350

Phone card = AED 50

TV Packages = AED 95

Extra charges for babysitting = AED 400





Monthly Management Fee

Weekly Training

Collection and Drop off

365 days Call Centre

HR and Payroll on your behalf.

PRO and Legal/Sponsorship









MOST Cost Effective and Offers Higher Retention of your staff.

Editor Comments:

Recruitment Companies are now charging AED 15,000 – AED 27,000 .

Most of these companies still charge fees to the applicant in source countries, therefore they come with massive debt bondage, and due to specific overseas governments blocking the migration of all female domestic workers, there is a higher costs due to illegal human trafficking routes.

Domestic visas are only valid for a year, annual renewal fees apply. The investment in Recruit-Train and Manage Program,( Trainee Housekeeping Program by the Housekeeping Co) offers higher retention of staff, ongoing training,  increased work efficiency, loyalty, and an ethical end to human trafficking or debt bondage on the migrant female domestic workers.


The Housekeeping Co LLC

The Housekeeping Co LLC and The Housekeeping Institute have been established since 2010 in Dubai. Owners are British Nationals with over 17 years’ experience in the UAE, offering a solid and professional approach to Recruit-Train and Manage of domestic workers.

The Housekeeping Co established the name of “HOUSEKEEPING” with the Department of Economic Development, and are passionately striving towards changing the title of domestic worker (formally known as domestic servant) to that of Housekeeper in its full and sub category status.

We believe that a migrant domestic worker should be classified as a trainee Housekeeper until qualified, and can specialize in various add-on sub categories such as;




Housekeeper-Food + Beverage


*The Trainee Housekeeping Program offers families a solution in Recruit-Train and Manage route for all domestic workers.

The Program is above the guidelines set out by the I.L.O (International Labor Organization).


The Trainee Housekeeping program is offered to “Host” families who wish to engage a domestic worker. (Trainee housekeeper). We offer a total recruit-train and manage solution. The Trainee Housekeeper lives and works in your home, attends weekly training sessions in the Housekeeping Institute. We handle and manage all the Human Resources, payroll, organizing flights, sick leave, medical checkups and doctors’ visits, vacation cover, supervision in times of family absence and daily work routines and your own personalized Housekeeping Manual for your trainee Housekeeper to refer to. Our call center is manned 365 days a year, and you will be allocated a native language speaking housekeeping supervisor to act as support in explaining routines, and your conveying effective communication in the early stages.

 Monthly costs AED 2,500 (Salary –Training and Management)

One off Payment AED16,500 for all Ethical country source Recruitment and deployment-Country source attestation, embassy, tickets costs-In the UAE we handle all visa processing, typing, submission, VISA stamping, Medical typing, Medical Certificate, and Emirates ID Typing.


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