Domestic Workers and Employers

Domestic Workers and Employers in the Arab State

This White Paper presents promising practices and innovative models to ensure a productive working relationship for both domestic workers and employers in the Arab States.
Child Care and Caring

Child Care and Caring for the Elderly -a Growing Trend

On International Women’s Day, International Labour Organization (ILO) regional director for Arab States Dr. Ruba Jaradat calls on societies and governments to recognize the contribution of women care workers who uphold our economies.
The Childcare expectation in

The Childcare expectation in Dubai ( Maids and Nannies)

What do we expect from agencies who supply a babysitting service to look after our children.?
What is Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co

What is Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co LLC ?

Tadbeer ( written on signage as TAD-BEER) is an initiative by MOHRE ( Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization) for the handling of all domestic and household workers.
TIPS-Best Housekeeping Practices: Summer

TIPS-Best Housekeeping Practices: Summer Jobs for your Maid

Did you know that we sweat liters of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis? Best way to refresh your duvet and pillow is to […]
Employing domestic staff: Are

Employing domestic staff: Are you fair and ethical?

In the near future, the UAE will be introducing new and much welcomed initiatives to protect foreign domestic workers, regulating how they are recruited and improving […]
TIPS – Best Housekeeping

TIPS – Best Housekeeping Practices : Summer Jobs for your Maid while you are away

Did you know that we sweat liters of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis? Best way to refresh your duvet and pillow is to […]


SPEED INTERVIEWS -Mass Interviews-Speed Selection Families looking for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers? Open day for Sponsors and Candidates-Unique Matching Service Sign up to a fast track speed interviews- […]
It is NOT OK

It is NOT OK to use somebody’s Visit Visa

It is NOT OK to use somebody’s visit visa, or to employ a domestic worker on her OWN visa. Its illegal, and can incur fines of […]
Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies

Dubai Maids Housekeepers Nannies latest job roles and responsibilities

Domestic Workers Classification Dubai Maids, Housekeepers and Nannies . Salary for a Maid in Dubai. Job Description for a Nanny in the UAE. Housekeepers Role and Responsibility. Domestic Workers […]

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