Maids and Nannies -COVID

Maids and Nannies -COVID testing and Vaccination Program.

Hiring and placing maids and nannies frequently asked questions regarding COVID policies
My Domestic Worker insists

My Domestic Worker insists on going outside of the home -what should I do?

How to Handle the relationship with your Domestic Helper throughout the COVID-19 period and beyond.
Home Cleaning ( COVID-19)

Home Cleaning ( COVID-19)

Common and Effective Disinfectants for the Home + Residential Living (COVID-19).
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) COVID-19

Responsibilities for All Directors/Board Members and Regional Managers (Covid-19)
Full Time Live In

Full Time Live In Maid Dubai-The Agency Debate

A full time live in housemaid, or a full time live in nanny offers families valuable assistance in day-to-day running of their growing family and their household here in the UAE.
Tadbeer VIP Collection and

Tadbeer VIP Collection and Processing -Maids VISA / Renewal

Government Typing/Visa Entry/Renewals Maids-Nanny-Babysitter-Housekeepers-Cooks and Drivers

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