Large Demand - Philippine Domestic Workers

Apr 08, 2021
Large Demand - Philippine

Recruiting a new and FRESH domestic worker direct from the Philippines has many advantages over the current situation.

For the last 7 years the Philippine-UAE route has been officially closed for recruiting of domestic workers, and as such this has led to many problems in the job hiring without oversight.

The cumulation of “Freelancers”, untrained cleaning workers, and too many view points left families and workers greatly unprotected, especially the workers.

The domestic worker market saw a huge rise in “shop” girls , and commercial cleaners becoming housemaids or nannies particularly engaged by the over excited,  over paying expatriate families, who thought having a Filipina nanny as a godsend.

Certainly any nationality trained, educated, and given the right employment contract, guidelines, and oversight can become a wonderful nanny , its NOT specific to nationality.

The reason why so many Expats like the Filipina workers is due to their English language skills, and patient temperaments.

Thankfully its now back to basics, where transparency, and anti-human trafficking measures are now in place.

Tadbeer Centers are the only official route to engaging Filippina domestic workers approved by the POEA-Philippine+ MOHRE-UAE government.

Demand is high, and the best of the best in recruitment is about to rear its head above water, with an adjustment to the market being well over-due, families can now enjoy qualified and experienced workers who chose to enter into this career path with the right of intentions, and an ethical route in.

No FEEs are ever charged to a worker obtaining her job we ensure ethical practices from recruitment cycle to placement and offer security to both parties involved in the employment contract.

Hiring a worker takes time, effort and commitment. A well-chosen and integrated worker can work for the same family for up to 20 years…we have witnessed ladies having workers for 30+ years for the same family….they are family.

Over the last 20 years, we have learnt and implemented lessons in integration, education, boundary setting, child care, elderly care, cooking and the art of coffee making ! , we offer all our clients a 30 day settling-in program devised from studying and working with families throughout the  last 20 years……its been a remarkable journey to witness,

Families can now engage workers with 2 years of quantifiable experience with salaries ranging from AED1,500-1,700 per month.

Recruitment costs are approximately AED12,000

If families consider the TIME investment, and look at the FINANCIAL investment, it’s a positive move to privately sponsor a worker, so long as you are prepared to really invest in training , nurturing and offer inclusion with defined boundaries.

A rough guide is that Recruitment and Sponsorship fees for private families ( EXPATS) is as follows:

AED 10.500 private sponsorship + Recruitment Fees AED12.000 = AED 22,500 / 24 mths   

( = cost allocation per month AED 937.50)


Paying a monthly salary of AED1,700 + (Cost Allocation AED 937.5)  =Real costs to families are AED 2,637 Total per month

Compare this cost to the current “demands” by so-called nannies with salary expectation of AED3,500-4,500 it’s a no brainer to sponsor privately and recruit ethically.

Alternative solutions to private sponsorship are to engage a worker from the Housekeeping Co on temporary contract (Full time living in) directly between Housekeeping Co and Family. The worker is company sponsored, and paying a monthly contract fee, consequently the workers’ salaries, and EOS, Medical, Insurances etc are all taken care of by the company.

This offers families the opportunity for temporary placement without the financial responsibility  of private sponsorship.

Both sides are protected, and families can have a replacement if its not working out, without any job compromise to the worker-, sometimes people are not well matched, and therefore we guarantee to replace with another suitable worker best matching the families demands.


Consider registering now for a new  worker direct from the Philippines.

Whatsapp 04-706-0150 to pre-register

One of our team will contact you directly to discuss your options.



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