Loyal Filipino worker sees incredible success after 13 years with Housekeeping Co

Feb 24, 2023
Loyal Filipino worker sees

Filipina nannies, maids and housekeepers are known to be the market leader for domestic workers, with their education as well as their social and language skills putting them out in front.

The fifth-largest island country in the world, the Philippines has an estimated population of 113.9 million, with a huge number of its citizens, around 1.83 million, opting to move overseas for work, some for most of their lives.

Known to be in high-demand for their previous experience and good nature, it should be no surprise that many Filipino domestic workers recruited as full-time maids and nannies in Dubai, and have gone on to have long-serving careers with Housekeeping Co.

Safely recruiting thousands of workers from the Philippines over the last decade, the company has seen hard-working women develop their skills and progress under their sponsorship and guidance.

An undeniable example of this is Cristina, who has gone from strength to strength while working her way up from a cleaner and housekeeper to a staff trainer at Housekeeping Co.

Originally from Baguio, a busy town perched high in the Philippines Cordillera Central Mountains, Cristina first arrived in the UAE 13-years ago, after having spent two years as a housemaid in Kuwait.

A mother-of-one, Cristina, like thousands of other Filipino workers, made the decision to earn overseas in order to support her family.

Receiving further training with Housekeeping Co, Cristina and others were quickly booked by clients, looking for reliable and responsible domestic workers.

Speaking about the first few months in Dubai, she said: “I started with the company as a basic cleaner in 2010 working in clients’ homes.  I would work for four hours in the morning with one client and then another four hours in the evening for another.