Philippines Gold Gala Evening at Le Louvre

Dec 09, 2022
Philippines Gold Gala Evening

Tadbeer Housekeeping Co were honoured to have been invited by the outgoing Philippine Ambassador HE Hjaceelyn  Quintana to attend the Philippine Embassy’s Gold Gala in Abu Dhabi.

Located at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the evenings display centered around the museum’s collaboration with the Ayala Museum in Manila, which now sees the UAE site host two incredible golden artifacts from the 9th-12th centuries.

Marking the first-time items from the Philippines have been featured inside the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the night featured glittering performances in everything from fashion to a polished choir.

Hosted by the museum, the former Ambassador of the Philippines to the UAE, H.E Hjayceelyn M. Quintana, greeted guests and performers, before giving a moving speech that spoke of her time in the role.

Taking place on December 8, the gala was one of the last engagements Her Excellency carried out, before she left the post in January 2023, to be replaced by H.E Alfonso Ferdinand A. Ver as Ambassador.

Known to have seen incredible success in her work, shortly after the gala, the now former Ambassador was presented with the Medal of Independence of the First Order, which was conferred by President Sheikh Mohamed.

Issued with the award for her impressive and consistent efforts to strengthen bilateral ties, Her Excellency was quick to focus on the ever-blooming relationship between the Philippines and the UAE when she spoke at the gala itself.

Featuring some touching words, Her Excellency shared how the purity that comes from gold can be found not only in the precious metal, but in the good and unity we show in our everyday lives. She continued: “Dalisay is the word used to describe 24-carat-gold. It’s also the same Tagalog word that means pure.

“Indeed, it is my hope, that the magnificence and purity of our common vision will continue to inspire unity and co-operation. There is a lustre of gold that comes out in all of us when we remember our shared dreams and act as one human community.

“The gold that we celebrate today is more than just sophisticated remnants of a glorious past, but more so, we celebrate the kind of gold that we find in our everyday interactions, and in our everyday conversations.

“It has been the honour of all Filipinos to be welcomed with open arms in this wonderful country and without fail the compliment is returned, with praises for my people, their loving nature, their happy demeanour and generous spirit and as some would further point out, for having a heart of gold.”

Located in the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the two artifacts will be available until early summer, and are said to be over 1,000 years old. Speaking about the pair, a description from the museum added that the pieces “represent Louvre Abu Dhabi’s mission of celebrating the universal creativity of mankind – inviting audiences to see humanity in a new light.”

Tadbeer Housekeeping CEO, Ms Denise C McGinty has built strong relations with the Philippine government and has been a long time supporter of HE Ambassador Hjaceleeyn extraordinary work throughout her tenure in the UAE, wishing her much happiness and success in her new role as Philippine Ambassador to the ASEAN based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Continuing to safely recruit and protect thousands of Filipino domestic workers, Tadbeer Housekeeping Co also received a visit from The Philippines delegation for the 2023 World Government Summit earlier this month. You can read more about the visit here.

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