Housekeeping Co Support Brothers 'N Oars as they take on Pacific Ocean challenge

Mar 14, 2023
Housekeeping Co Support Brothers

Housekeeping Co are excited to announce they will be supporting one of the greatest physical challenges seen in the Pacific Ocean in just a few months time.

Taking place in June 2023, the Brothers ‘n Oars team will take on a colossal 4500km non-stop row across the biggest expanse of water in the world, all of which will be done for charity.

Expecting to take 40 days and 40 nights, the team, made up of four men who had previously never rowed before, will be taking on an incredible and grueling task, all while in a tiny ocean rowing boat and exposed to the elements.

The team is made up of British adventurer and TV personality Paris Norriss, sustainable technology consultant and former Captain in the British Army, Harry Amos, his brother, energy store specialist Oliver Amos, and strategy consultant Barney Lewis.  First launching the idea of ‘Brothers ‘N Oars’ in 2021, over a year of training will finally be coming to fruition in just a couple of months’ time.