Heroic Housekeeping Co Nanny Honoured after protecting local children

Sep 01, 2023
Heroic Housekeeping Co Nanny

Housekeeping Co were honoured to present employee and Filipina national Junaida Fernandez with a recognition award for her incredible actions protecting young children from a predatory man in Dubai last week.

A reliable and hardworking nanny, Junaida has been with her current family for seven years and was caring for their two children and some of their friends at the time of the incident on 24th August.

Visiting a local play park during the late afternoon, the 40-year-old had noticed a strange older man acting unusually around the young girls, before approaching them.

Attempting to touch the face of one of the children in her care, Junaida instantly reacted, and was able to get the young girls to safety. Using her quick-thinking, Junaida had begun to film the individual, and had bravely questioned and followed him as he tried to flee.

Sharing the video with her boss and others to ensure the correct authorities were alerted, the clip was also shared online, sparking a huge community response as residents shared the footage to spread awareness of the incident.