The difference between a maid and a nanny

Apr 02, 2023
The difference between a

If you are considering employing a domestic worker for the first time, it's normal to have questions about how it will work. 

For example, a common question is "should I hire a nanny?", "what can I expect from her?" and "what is the difference between a nanny and a maid?"

Although the term is sometimes interchanged by people, there is actually a big difference between a maid and a nanny, and it is important you know what defines each role. 

Both coming with very different skills and levels of experience, Housekeeping Co has laid out the differences below. 

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A nanny's main focus should and will be the children above anything else that needs done in the household. 

Generally, their role is not to do all the housekeeping and cleaning tasks, but instead their daily routine is catered around the needs of the children they care for. 

This may mean they do some domestic tasks, such as preparing lunch and cleaning up after the children, but mostly their focus is on activities and education.. 

They will have prior education and experience in caring for youngsters and will work with the parents to create a fulfilling routine for the children that encourages communication, education and development. 

They will organize daily activities to keep the children engaged and occupied, or work things around their school day. 

They do more than simply babysitting, and can provide stimulating education and activities for the little ones. 

They should also be aware of health and safety and first aid, have over three years of experience, a good knowledge of either English or Arabic and have good communication skills. 

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Unlike a nanny, a maid will often have much more minimal experience, and will need regular supervision by her employer. 

Although hard working and willing to learn, initially the madame or another member of staff will need to spend time with the maid to show her how things should be done.

With clear instructions required, over time they will develop excellent skills in ironing, cleaning and other household tasks, but their presentation may still be simple rather than luxurious. 

Maids can also usually take on a bit of everything in the household, for example babysitting, cooking and cleaning. However, if you are expecting her to do tasks outside of cleaning, you should mention this during the interview or hiring process. 

As most are less experienced, they will be unable to manage other staff members, but over time will become a skilled worker in the household. Often very loyal to their employers, it is common to see maids remain part of the same household for over a decade. 

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