The reality of a maid on their 'own visa'

Apr 18, 2023
The reality of a

When looking for a maid, housekeeper, nanny or other domestic worker, it can be confusing to understand how and where to hire them from. 

However, it's important that anyone looking to employ a domestic worker understands the laws around it, or you could face a significant fine. 

In the UAE, the laws state that a domestic worker, for example a maid or nanny, can only be employed via an agency, or be sponsored as a direct employee. 

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This means that you can hire a worker through an official licensed agency, such as Housekeeping Co, or you can have them on your own visa through private sponsorship. There is also the option to have your chosen worker on a Tadbeer company visa. 

If you wish to hire a worker there are some requirement in place for the sponsor, for example a minimum salary earned and other standards that should be met, however the process itself is relatively simple and straightforward. 

With thousands of workers in the UAE, you may have seen a number of adverts or posts online which reference a maid for example as having her 'own visa'. Hiring a worker under these pretenses is illegal and could see you face a large fine if caught. 

The likely reality of the claims is that the maid or worker does not have their own visa and is or was under the sponsorship of someone else. 

This can lead to many issues, and currently the law states that if you are found employing a domestic worker without a work permit for them, even if it is part time, you can face a serious penalty. 

The fine listed for doing this currently sits at a minimum of 50,000AED, and a maximum of 200,000AED. 

The only way a domestic worker can work part time for anyone is if they are agency employed via a registered company on an hourly basis. 

Private sponsorship or hiring through an agency like Housekeeping Co is the safest and most secure way to employ a domestic worker, with both parties able to be protected. 

Since 2011, Housekeeping Co has been the market leader in the ethical recruitment and placement of thousands of domestic workers across the UAE. 

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If you are hiring a worker for the first time, it may also be useful to follow some simple guidance when picking a candidate to employ in your home. 

If you have searched on social media, it's likely that you will have received a host of applicants registering their interest, and it is important you know how to pick someone reliable and legitimate. 

This is easier to do through an agency, as they will have completed a series of background checks and other procedures to understand the worker's history. 

From there, it is important that you: 

1.       Lay out your needs

It is hugely beneficial to set out exactly what you are looking for before looking for candidates, so both parties can understand what the role will really entail.

Create a description of what your household is like that you can share with an agency or a candidate themselves, in order to find a good match.

For example, do you have children, and if so how much childcare would be involved. Are there any pets in your home, how big is the house, and what would the nanny/maid/housekeeper’s day look like?

2.       Interviews

After understanding how the role would be split, you should always interview a candidate before hiring them. This can be done ideally in person, or via a video call, so you can understand the individual’s body language, attitude, and personality.

Remember to come up with some clear questions you would like the answer to, and also allow the candidate to ask questions so you both come away from the interview feeling informed.

3.       Set out boundaries

Once you have chosen a candidate to work in your home, it is a good idea to set out rules, boundaries and responsibilities before they begin.

Each home and family is different, so you cannot expect a maid or nanny to know exactly how you like things done, or what is acceptable in your home, unless you tell them.

Rules should be considered and explained to a worker before they start their employment or duty, for example 'no mobile phones while caring for the children', or other boundaries.

After completing all of these steps, and working with a Tadbeer agency like Housekeeping Co who can process and sort all of your visa documents, you will be ready to safely and responsibly employ a domestic worker in your household.


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