Housekeeping Co celebrates Nanny Recognition Week 2023

Sep 28, 2023
Housekeeping Co celebrates Nanny

This week marks Nanny Recognition Week, a time where families all over the world will show their appreciation for the individuals who have had a huge hand in raising their children.

First started in 1998 by two American women, the idea was to honor the childcare professionals and showcase the positive impact nannies can have.

To join in on this year’s celebrations, Housekeeping Co spoke to Training Principal Michaella, a former Norland Nanny, to learn more about her experience.

Studying at Norland College, a prestigious Early Years Institute in the UK, the school’s graduates often go on to care for the children of families around the world, including the British Royal Family.

Now with over a decade of experience, Michaella was keen to share the incredible impact a nanny can bring to a household. She said:

“Being a nanny is the most unique form of childcare in the Early Years. You can give one-to-one care in the child’s home having a huge impact on their health, social, emotional, and physical development.

“Being a nanny means you are often doing multiple jobs, whether it’s a playmate, chef, caregiver, educator… the diversity of the job makes it so exciting and rewarding when you see the impact on a child’s development!

“Nannies can be outside every day, exploring new places and no two days are the same for the little ones.

“We should recognize the hard work it takes to become a successful full-time nanny and how passion plays a huge role. They’re kind, caring, fun and really focused on the children in their care.

“They love children and want to spend time with them when maybe the parents cannot be due to commitments. Children will have security and a strong attachment and parents can be reassured their children are getting the best possible care in the comfort of their own home!

“Having been a nanny for ten years all over the world, I worked in many exciting places including London, Miami, Europe.

“I loved being able to join a new family, adapt to their needs and form incredible bonds with the children. Seeing the children grow from babies to amazing young people and knowing I had an impact on this was the most rewarding thing.”

Now sharing her experience with other nannies in Dubai, Michaella expertly teaches Housekeeping Co nannies who are now KHDA certified in Child Care at Home.

Available now full-time living-in, you can view all our available qualified nannies here.

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