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Jun 15, 2016
Did You Know –

Dubai Summers!!-Did you know if you hang your laundry outside at this time of year, you are most likely to damage the laundry by sun bleaching. Due to the intense heat, and temperature, the laundry literally “burns” within a few moments exposure under direct sunlight.

Its best to avoid any direct sunlight drying as much as possible…here are a few alternatives;

1. Dry all the laundry under a garage shade/parking car port

2.Laundry can be dried inside a room, where you can open a window to air dry the laundry without being exposed to direct sunlight.

3.If you feel you must dry outside during the day, then cover all laundry with an extra unused bed sheet to prevent direct sunlight exposure.

4. Hang all laundry outdoors only after sunset, and it will be ready and dry for you first thing in the morning!

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