BLOG- What to do about the Maid??

May 08, 2016
BLOG- What to do
Housekeeping Summer Boot Camp! (June-September)

If you are going away on summer vacation We look after your live-in household staff in your absence. We ensure strong compliance management-spot checking- a weekly in house training in our Institute followed by afternoon site visit. We ensure Payment of salaries in your absence-and emergency/medical attention if required.

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Housekeeping Summer Boot-Camp (June-September)

During your family Summer Vacation WE can offer you total peace of mind in regard to your live-in household staff.
·       WE look after your household staff in your absence:
·       Weekly Spot Checking (more frequent if required)
·       Weekly in-classroom training followed by afternoon site visits
·       Extra Training- and Mentoring support (we offer advanced level training in Housekeeping Practices/Butler Duties and Food and Beverage Hygiene and Service)
·       WE look after paying her salary on time on your behalf.
·       Attend to any emergency call out/medical assistance if required
·       Ensure she is living inside the sponsor’s home, and all pets are being correctly looked after.
·       Worksheets for deep-cleaning/accountability of daily duties
·       The Program Keeps all household staff motivated, and offers assurance and accountability to the sponsoring family.

·        FEES: AED950 per month

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