Hiring a Private Family Nurse – What to Expect

Feb 02, 2024
Hiring a Private Family

A private family nurse can become an irreplaceable addition to your home, providing professional and educated everyday care.

Coming from a disciplined and medical background, a nurse can assist with the whole family, from a pregnant mother to elderly or unwell relatives.

A different role to domestic workers, our private family nurses offer qualified care that reaches over an array of different conditions.

Licensed in their home country, Housekeeping Co nurses are given full cultural awareness training and a care refresher once arriving in the UAE.

Experienced in taking care of all patients, they provide tailored support to you and your family’s needs.

It is incorrect to think that a family nurse should only be used when someone is unwell. When in fact, their knowledge and expertise can benefit and improve a family’s general health all year round.


How can they help in the home?

There are many responsibilities a private family nurse can carry out in the home. For example, if you are looking for specialised maternity care full-time, or an extra pair of qualified hands once the baby arrives, a private nurse is an ideal solution.

Offering advice and support to the parents, a private nurse can quickly notice if the health of either mother or baby appears to be declining and encourage them to seek further medical attention.

With many having cared for premature, unwell, or newborn infants, their healthcare education allows them to understand the exact needs of each baby and monitor them daily.

In addition, private nurses can also focus on the health and well-being of older children, acting as their carer and supervisor. Ensuring their diets are healthy and encouraging their development, nurses can also look after children with more complex needs, disabilities, or other conditions.

Adapting to each family’s specific routine and requirements, each of our private family nurses can communicate effectively and assist in establishing a positive and impactful relationship in the home.

Living-in full-time, their responsibilities can include care and supervision, monitoring general health, feeding, and bathing of infants, and even companionship and mobility for the elderly or unwell.


What tasks can they not carry out?

There are two tasks a private family nurse cannot complete:

  • Housekeeping Duties (cleaning)
  • Injections or IV care.


Meet some of our Private Family Nurses


Fluent in Arabic and rated with a B1 score in English, CN24724 has over three years of experience in nursing.

Caring for newborns and infants in a paediatric Intensive Care Unit, she is an ideal candidate to care for your new arrivals or little ones.

Understanding exactly the needs of mother and baby, she has also care for stroke and heart attack patients both in a hospital and homecare environment.

Watch her profile here.


Fluent in Arabic also with a B1 score in English, CN24901 has over 11 years’ experience in nursing, and is a Licensed Nurse Assistant in Egypt.

Now ready to continue her care in the UAE, she has previously cared for both paediatric and geriatric patients, providing an exceptional level of care.

Watch her profile here.

How Can I Hire a Private Family Nurse? 

If you are interested in hiring a private family nurse in Dubai, you can visit our candidate profiles here to view our availability.

From there, our professional team will be able to guide you through the process, from understanding your needs to matching you with a worker who will be able to have the best impact in your home.

Each of our available candidates have been trained and KHDA certified in Childcare at Home, had their English Language skills assessed and are ready to become a working part of your household.

With the option to interview any of your chosen candidates, the family nurse can even begin working that same day.

Living full-time within your home, our team will also provide a FREE 30-day-settling-in program to assist both parties in adjusting into a new routine.

If you would like to understand more about our services, visit our website here

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