International Day of Education: The importance of education for domestic workers

Jan 24, 2024
International Day of Education:

The power of education is inarguable, equipping individuals with the basic or specific tools they need to develop and transform their lives.

International Day of Education 2024 falls on 24th January, a day designed to remind us that education should be prioritised and is not always accessible for all. 

Marking the day, UNESCO have stated that it celebrates the role of education for development, as well as highlighting the need for practical, inclusive and quality education for everyone. 

For domestic workers, the power of education and key occupational skills can have an ever-lasting impact on their career and livelihoods. 

Many travel hundreds or thousands of miles to work away from their families within another culture, making education and continued learning immensely important. 

At Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services, education for our domestic workers is paramount, and begins the moment they join the organisation.