How a nanny can benefit stay-at-home moms

Feb 10, 2024
How a nanny can

A stay-at home mom, although not based in a professional office environment - is definitely a full-time job which requires effort, energy and skill. 

Working round the clock to supervise the home and children, mothers in this role sometimes experience stigma, creating a fear that they shouldn't ask for help. 

Because of this, many mothers are prone to experiencing 'mom burnout' - now a common phrase used to describe feeling exhausted and depleted due to a lack of prioritising their own mental health or general well-being. 

Although a common experience for thousands of moms around the world, many find it hard to share their difficulties or consider lightening their workload. However, taking this step could benefit you hugely if you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. 

Managing one or multiple children can be tough for working parents, but also for stay-at-home parents who are caring for little ones and managing the house full-time. 

In this scenario, the benefits of a full-time live-in nanny are huge and should be encouraged if it is suitable for you and your family. 

Offering additional support for both children and parents, a live-in nanny can create a better environment overall.  If you are considering hiring a full-time live-in nanny as a stay-at-home mom, here are some of the benefits you can expect. 

Expand your support network

It might not be common for stay-at-home moms to have a full-time nanny in your home country. However, in most situations, moms will often have their relatives living in the same house or a short distance away, providing support, assistance and childcare when needed. 

For most expats in Dubai this is not the case, with families and loved ones living hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Therefore, the introduction of a live-in nanny can offer that same level of support for both you and your children. 

It can be difficult to manage it all alone, and a nanny can step in to fill the shoes of relatives who cannot always be close by. 

Enabling time for you - and your health!

It is important as a mother to know what is best for you and your family, and often that can be allowing time for yourself. Moms can go for months without scheduling any downtime or experiences/activities that are solely for themselves. 

Selfcare is essential to recharge, and by having a nanny full-time, it can allow you experience this - even if just to have a shower or grab a coffee with a friend.

In addition, a live-in nanny can also be a huge help if your health is not at its best overall. There can be a pressure for stay-at-home moms to be completing all housekeeping and childcare. But, if for example you are heavily pregnant or post-partum, exhausted from long nights with the children or experiencing any other health conditions, you are not fit for work. 

In a workplace, you would be granted sick leave or rest days, but as a stay-at-home mom that is never going to be the case. Having a nanny in this scenario lets you focus on your health and relieve the pressure. 


In addition to support, a live-in nanny can also provide companionship for stay-at-home moms. As the sole carer, moms can be in a role which offers no interaction with other adults. It can be refreshing to have another trusted adult there to support you as a mom, as well as the children. 

The right nanny can be your co pilot when you are in charge, but also independent and stick to your parenting style when you need to leave the house or take time for yourself. 

As well as a companion for you, a nanny can also be a safe companion for your children, with her presence providing consistency and support. This can be comforting for little-ones instead of having a string of different babysitters or daycare services every time you go out. 

Creating Efficiency in the Household 

A nanny should only be completing household tasks related to the children, however having that presence can make a big impact on daily efficiency. 

Having someone to focus on the child's routine can allow stay-at-home moms to take on other responsibilities and errands without having to juggle too much. 

This efficiency ensures everything in the household runs smoothly and maintains a good routine for both parents and children. 

Quality Time with Children

As mentioned, having a full-time nanny means that stay-at-home moms can have time to focus on other tasks, as well as time for themselves. 

In turn, this means that the time they do spend with their children is quality time, where they can focus solely on the child and engage with them properly. Instead of trying to entertain a little one while completing other tasks and being distracted, they can have real bonding experiences knowing everything else is taken care of. 

In addition, having a nanny means all a child's time is taken up with educational and engaging activities, whether it be from the nanny and parents. This can also assist with their development, whether it be in social skills, reading or even speaking. 

How can I hire a full-time live-in nanny?

In every case, a family needs to do what is right for them and their household. 

If you are thinking of hiring a full-time live-in nanny, Housekeeping Co can match you with one of our experienced workers who will create impact in your home. 

Trained and KHDA certified in Childcare at Home, many of our nannies have years of experience working with children full-time in your home. 

To interview and hire today, please visit our website and browse our current candidate profiles

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