Inspiring Inclusion for International Women's Day

Mar 08, 2024
Inspiring Inclusion for International

On 8th March, the world celebrates International Women's Day. Now over 100-years-old, the occasion has seen millions create awareness and drive forward equality. 

A day especially chosen to highlight the achievements of women and look at future goals, many brilliant individuals, projects and ideas are shared. 

As an employer of thousands of women from all around the world, Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services is a huge advocate of International Women's Day, encouraging all our staff to mark the day in their own way. 

The theme of 2024 is to #InspireInclusion for all women, ensuring their place in all environments and questioning it when they are not there. 

This year, HDWS can share how we are inspiring inclusion through two of the #InspireInclusion goals. 

  • #InspireInclusion through recruiting, retaining and developing diverse talent. 

Since the beginning, we have been ethically recruiting domestic workers, ensuring they are brought to the UAE from their home country safely. Always looking out for their welfare, our team ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities, and provide them with secure job placements. 

Developing careers for women is a passion, offering the opportunity to grow and build a career. Our team recently celebrated the working anniversary of one staff member who has grown in the company over the last 13 years. Beginning as a cleaner, Cristina is now an admired and respected trainer, teaching hundreds of other women the skills to advance their own careers. 

  • #InspireInclusion through providing women with access to quality education and training. 

Believing education is the key to development, our training institute is also designed to help female workers upskill and progress in the workplace. 

Offering programs in topics from cultural awareness to English, first aid and childcare, every course is crafted to have a long-lasting impact. 

Women Inspiring Women

At Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services, a large portion of our staffing is made up of women, from our domestic workers to our management. 

All working together to achieve success, we asked some of the inspirational women at HDWS to share the woman that inspires them. 


"My grandmother's strong work ethic, love, courage and faith have been the most influential figures in my life, inspiring me to be the best person and fostering my love and kindness. She is truly a remarkable figure that I have looked up to since I was young. She has significantly shaped my life in profound ways. 


"Oprah Winfrey is an American woman who changed her life by working on herself and fighting to reach where she wanted to be. From being born into poverty to being a producer, actress, host of TV shows and world famous."


Mulu G'Gziabher (Keshi Gebru) was a young woman who was part of the rebels during the time Ethiopia was led by the military. She went on many sting operations in disguise, she was fierce, extremely sharp, and was known to improvise and get herself our of the stickiest situations. Even upon her capture, she was unwavering and stood for what she believed in until the end. I take from her to be fearless, brave, and never give up on what you believe in."


"If I have to think of someone who inspires me, I would say that would be my nanny. I have never seen a woman who works so hard and has a great heart. She looked after me as her own, she sacrificed a lot to make sure we were looked after and had an amazing childhood. She is a role model and I learned from her that loyalty is valuable in everything we do. 


"Oprah Winfrey always inspired me as a young girl. Her words about mindfulness, women's empowerment and being independent always motivate me to do better in this world."

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