Please be aware that most of the new maids coming from supply source country ( Philippine, India, SriLanka, and Nepal) are completely untrained and have little or no experience in dealing with household management.

They do NOT have knowledge in medical care , nursing, baby-sitting, child minding or nannying.

We recommend the following courses in support of your new domestic worker.

Training Program ONLY
Training Program ONLY
AED 650
Training and Management Program
Training and Management Program (One-to-one In your own home)
AED 1100
30 Days + Housekeeping
30 Days + Housekeeping Manual
AED 250
30 Days + Housekeeping
30 Days + Housekeeping Manual + 6 hours Training
AED 690
Training and Management Program(Combined
Training and Management Program(Combined Package)
AED 1500

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