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Our Company

Housekeeping Co LLC is the premier provider of 5 Star Housekeeping services for discerning clients throughout Dubai.

Licensed by the Department Of Economic Development, it is the sister company of leads International, which was est in 1993. The owner and General Manager, Mrs Denise C. McGinty, is a graduate in Hotel Management, from the Edinburgh-UK.

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Housekeeping Co. is a 5 Star housekeeping service provider for the discerning clients, private and corporate, in Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Professional maids in Dubai and cleaning service providers for residential and corporate clients.

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From Part-time weekly service, to full time monthly packages...

dubai cleaning services We operate a minimum service of 4 hours once a week, and our charge out rate applied starts from AED45/- per hour, with a strict 30 day cancellation policy.
dubai cleaning services For Full time Housekeeping Service, we offer a monthly contract rate of AED3,850/-
dubai cleaning services Neighbor share program AED2,500 per month each
dubai cleaning services One off deep Clean /Blitz Clean up charges are AED550/-- 2 girls for 4 hours

I usually like to visit you briefly the first time, just to fully ascertain your requirements,( this is for developments we don’t currently operate in) and to make sure you have all the right tools ( product/chemicals and cloths/equipment) for us to be able to do the job.( if not we make recommendation and where to buy them!)..I then allocate you the right housekeeper for the job, as each girl has varying skill sets, and I like to make sure she is capable of understanding your requirements.


WE like to have the same housekeeper to come on a regular basis, as this builds up her confidence in how you like things to be done, and allows you to feel secure in getting to know the same girl.


From Part-time weekly service, to full time monthly packages...

Take the Hassle out of Housekeeping!-our Full time Housekeeping is cheaper than hiring your own housemaid. It also works out much cheaper than a regular part-time service, where billing on an hourly rate can add up to more than this full time option.

Our staff will come into your home on a daily basis ( ex -Fridays)on a 2 shift option. Either (7am-5pm) or (10am-8pm) They are dropped off by our drivers, and collected and taken back to their accommodation in the evening.


WE guarantee to give you the same housekeeper each and every time ( unless she’s sick, in which case, wherever possible we shall send a temporary replacement)


We drop them off in the mornings, and collect them in the evenings. They cannot live in your accommodation, they are provided with Ministry Of Labor approved accommodation, which we must provide.


We charge a monthly fixed fee of AED3,850 payable on the 1st of each month, and we take a cash deposit of AED1,000 against non-payment of invoices.


Housekeeping routines, are to be fixed by the client, however we do give suggestions in how to best manage their time, and duties to be performed.


I usually like to visit you initially, however we have now visited most developments and understand the cleaning challenges, or handover and snagging problems to overcome.


Neighbour Share Program: @AED2,500

We offer this to families who feel they do not have enough to justify having a full time option. Neighbors must be within walking distance,( eg: same street) and one agrees to take the AM shift, and the other will have the PM shift.


Times range from AM ( 7-8am drop off) and for the PM shift she may come in to take lunch,( 12-1pm) prior to starting her afternoon shift at 1-5pm.Invoices will be separate, however we do insist on a AED1,000 refundable deposit, against no-shows, non-entry or late payment. All invoices must be paid on the 1st working day of the current month, and we guarantee to giving same Housekeeper each and every time.