Maids and Nannies -COVID testing and Vaccination Program.

Feb 24, 2021
Maids and Nannies -COVID

Maids and Nannies -COVID testing and Vaccination Program.

 Common questions asked by families.

How are you recruiting safely throughout this period?...

Housekeeping Co is a professional and ethical recruiting company that ensures fair hiring and strong onboarding with matching and placements for all workers and families alike.

All candidates are interviewed and selected according to their skill sets and categorized accordingly ( Maid, Nanny, Housekeeper , Early Years Nanny , Cooks, Personal Assistants , Nursing Care Assistants , Maternity Nannies, etc. )

Onboarding requires for all candidates to be placed into quarantine accommodation prior to placement with families.

They are looked after by our Nursing staff and monitored several times a day.


COVID Testing : Is it safe to hire a Maid or Nanny from Housekeeping Co ?

New or Returning Candidates:

If required as per the medical advice of the Nursing staff, we send candidates for COVID testing if they have been in contact with COVID positive, or any suspected cases.

Throughout the Candidate placement, if the family is going for COVID vaccination, we suggest you encourage your worker to be included at the same time.

Housekeeping Co is authorized and licensed by the Ministry Of Human Resources to ensure that all candidates are processed with Employment Visa, Medical Insurance and Emirates Identity Cards before placement with a family. (due to certain delays in the processing of EID cards, candidates maybe placed with families before their card arrives…however be rest assured they are already in the system and linked with medical insurance.

All new candidates are required to be placed into quarantine accommodation prior to placement.

They are looked after by Nursing staff and monitored several times a day at our residential training accommodation.

There is separate quarantine accommodation for new onboarding or any returning candidates.

They are fed 3 meals a day and after passing FIT to work by the Nursing staff, they undergo or attend some training consisting of:

·       Pediatric First Aid

·       Early Years Education

·       Basic Housekeeping Methodology

·       MOHRE Domestic Workers Training  


Eligibility for COVID vaccination (Maids and Nannies)

Vaccination :Eligibility :

Due to candidates being younger and healthier they are currently not approved for COVID vaccination program under Phase-1.

However, many families have included their worker when they are going for vaccination.

To book an appointment for COVID vaccination you are required to register via the DHA app. You will be required to use the Emirates Identity Number or their MRN number (Medical Record Number).

Assist your worker in downloading the DHA app, all medical record numbers are linked to their emirate’s identity.


PCR testing for my Maid or Nanny.

What happens if my Maid or Nanny tests positive when she is working for me.

Don’t panic!....ensure she stays in her room , and send email ASAP to You need to mention the workers FULL name, and your contract number ( CC#) and mention SUBJECT CN tested Positive . A customer advisor will contact you to arrange what to do next.

·      Stay safe and Healthy!

Housekeeping Co Team

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