My Domestic Worker insists on going outside of the home -what should I do?

May 26, 2020
My Domestic Worker insists

How to Handle the relationship with your Domestic Helper throughout the COVID-19 period and beyond.

Throughout the period of COVID-19 there are many postings over social media with conflicting advice on what is permissible, and what families deem as safe.

My Nanny wants to go and see her family on her day off

My Housekeeper wants to see her Husband

My Maid says all her friends are meeting outside


As per the domestic worker law, domestic workers have rights, as do the families. At Housekeeping Co we train all our domestic workers about in their rights, duties and obligations, and ALSO the rights of the employer.


Remember that throughout the lock down and post lock down period families are naturally stressed with their own current situation and uncertainty, with extra pressure by spending unusual amount of time around their domestic worker, their children and even partners!!

Be Consistent!

The domestic workers law is there to protect both employment sides and offers a higher level of understanding and protection over any social media opinion.

The law clearly states that domestic workers are entitled to a day of rest. But that does not mean they are entitled to leave the family home.

Setting boundaries and being consistent with what is permissible is affording human rights on the highest level. Families are protectors of domestic workers and their own environment.

Domestic workers are not entirely knowledgeable on government rules and regulations therefore families have the added responsibility to ensure household workers comply and understand the lock down measures and post-lock down protocols are followed.

Unfortunately, many workers are also influenced by social media postings and public opinions or pressured by other workers who think they know best.

Domestic Workers Law

The UAE affords the world greatest rights for domestic workers with its own unique federal law #10/2017

What happens in the commercial work place is open and subject to the greatest levels of accountability and visibility, however what happens in the home is hidden and behind closed doors. Both employment parties have the greatest rights of protection via the Tadbeer Housekeeping Co visa.,

Conflict Resolution:

Having a non-family member living with you requires support from a 3rd party neutral who can effectively resolve conflict and create understanding for both sides when needs demand.

Housekeeping Co understands the view points from both sides, and have skilled HR professionals who are experienced in dealing with all nationality domestic workers.

Buyer Beware!

Hiring a domestic worker from a posting on a social media platform without official oversight exposes the risk and abuse on both sides.

Frequently families neglect to sponsor the worker in a timely manner, resulting in the worker having no bank account for salary transfer or means of medical cover.

Moreover, families who select workers from social media platforms lack oversight and knowledge of potential risks of  being involved in a form of human trafficking and consequently lack official boundaries and limits to set inside their homes.

Consequently the worker may learn to manipulate the family if she understands they have side-stepped an integral legal hiring process. This results in huge losses to the families particularly at this time as many workers tend to abscond from families who have not chosen the official route of hiring.

Tadbeer Housekeeping Co is an official MOHRE approved center that offers knowledge and support to both parties in the hiring and effective settling in period.

We offer full time live in monthly packages from AED2,300 pm with free replacements at any time.

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