Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) COVID-19

Apr 14, 2020
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) COVID-19

Responsibilities for All Directors/Board Members and Regional Managers (Covid-19)

Company Directors /Board Members and Regional Managers have increased responsibilities both in respect of those owed to the company and in the context of corporate HR policy -Occupational health and safety regulation those owed to employees.

In regard to CSR there are two major game changer policies that will be the differentiation in corporate social responsibility- influencing and impacting how employees and stakeholders view the company they are with.

Implementing- HR-Occupational Health and Safety Policy-COVID-19


Protocols for FIT to work employees and Fit to Work Environment.

The decisions corporate and SME’s make now are likely to be remembered by shareholders , stakeholders, employees, clients, industry competitors, social media followers and the general public.

Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19 that has been implemented globally there is undoubtedly on-going risk that an employee has or will contract Covid-19 whilst working on-site at your premises, and if they had caught it from another employee/client that had been advised to self-isolate, you could be held liable for breach of duty.

CSR (COVID-19) policy may limit risk exposure for international meetings and implement higher percentage home working and Video Conferencing. Workstation and space allocation sq.ft. per employee will undoubtedly be increased.

These policies implemented and ongoing with strong record-keeping of steps taken, will be invaluable in defense of any claim. Whether the business and/or the directors make any decisions that go further than the advice provided by the government depends on a balance between the commercial realities of the business, and the impact of any decisions on employees and the wider community.

Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19 that has been implemented globally,  CSR Policy must change radically. Consequently, it is prudent to start implementing and documenting robust HR policy and guidelines for (COVID-19) Fit to Work Employees and (COVID-19) Fit to Work Environment

For further details on FIT to work Employees

For Further details on FIT to work Environment-see our Commercial ( 3 step) Deep Cleaning- Disinfecting and Sanitization Program click here 

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