Full Time Live In Maid Dubai-The Agency Debate

Aug 25, 2018
Full Time Live In

Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co is not only the best maid recruitment agency in Dubai, but also offers the best live in maid service Dubai, offering  peace of mind for both employment parties guaranteeing the worker and employer her full labour rights ( Employment Contract, WPS-Salary Protection, Workers Insurance, End of Service, Flights, Medical Insurance etc) AND assures hiring families fair and ethical hiring, guaranteed replacements, flexible contracts, and handles all HR issues should they arise. ( maid visa renewal, renew maid contract, maid visa Dubai, passport renewal, Embassy exit permits etc)

Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co offers all Nannies in Dubai First Aid Training, and a basic introduction to Housekeeping practices, with extra courses available should they families wish to up-skill their maid-nanny-housekeeper etc.

Housekeeping Co offers the Dubai families an option to choose domestic workers based on their exact needs. If they need full time maids in Dubai or part time maids, they can do so by picking up the right package.

The company provides cleaning services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; even the customers can book for 4 hours cleaning service as well. The best thing when you deal with the Housekeeping Co is that, whether you choose full time maids or hourly cleaning services, we often use fully trained maids to take care of the works.

A full time live in housemaid, or a full time live in nanny offers families valuable assistance in day-to-day running of their growing family and their household here in the UAE. The successful integration of a new maid or nanny is the key to happiness between the worker and her employer . Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co offers years of recruitment and placement experience, along with practical advice on renewing a maid visa, housekeeping services in Dubai, hiring a full time maid, sponsoring a maid in Dubai, training a nanny Dubai, and how to find the best maid, nanny in Dubai.

Costs related to a live in maid service Dubai, sponsoring a maid Dubai, renewing a maid visa Dubai, maid recruitment agency Dubai are as follows:

Sponsoring a Full Time Live In Maid will cost an expat approximately AED11,000 from start to finish and the visa is only valid for a year. There is no guarantee that the worker will stay,  if she absconds  it will cost the family another AED5,000++ to file an absconding case plus the extra stress of the situation.

There are many extra “hidden” costs that families tend to forget when hiring direct.


Comparative Costs

Family Sponsor

Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co


NO Guarantee

Possible Absconding

Possible Non-Renewal after 1st year


Flexible Contract

Replacements at No Extra Costs

Company Support + Training

Recruitment / Agency Fee



1st Year (Visa, Medical, Insurance, Emirates ID, Sponsor Deposit etc.)



2nd Year renewal



Annual ticket @2,500



Monthly salary @ 2,000 *



Christmas/Holiday Bonus/Extras



Costs over a 2-year contract



*Please note: 


*average salaries paid by expats families can range from AED2,500-3,500 per month


** Monthly package from AED2,300



The Agency Debate-Why was Tadbeer created and developed by the UAE government.

The author has long been an advocator of labour law rights being afforded to domestic and household workers . Federal #10/2017 is known as the  Domestic Workers Law . It took several months before the law being implemented, and in the meantime MOHRE ( Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation) began approving private companies to own and operate Tadbeer service centres under a public private partnership agreement. This in simple English means that there are now dedicated Tadbeer Centres run by approved agency operators.

Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co is a dedicated MOHRE approved center, offering complete one-stop solution for all issues relating to all 19 visa category of domestic and household workers including, Maids, Nanny, Housekeeper, Babysitters, Drivers, Cooks, Nurses, Governess, Gardeners, Personal Assistants etc.

In March 2018 , The Housekeeping Co opened its Tadbeer Service Center beside the EQUITI Metro station (EXIT2) on Shk. Zayed Road. And offers the following services:

1.        All Government typing services for Visa Entry /Renewals

2.       Recruitment and Placement

3.       Full Time Live in Maid Dubai

4.       On Demand Cleaning and Home Care Services



The author is the operator of  Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co and originates from the UK. She is a specialist in Recruitment of all category workers from unskilled, semi-skilled to fully Professional and Household executive staffing solutions.

The Center offers training and upskilling for all workers, families can send their workers on training courses to further advance their skills and techniques.

Tadbeer Housekeeping Co offers a fair hiring policy and is compliant with ethical recruitment policies to combat human trafficking.

We offer coffee mornings for groups of women who would like to find out more in regard to hiring a maid, hiring a nanny, training courses, and discussions in how best to integrate a new worker into the family fold.


We believe strongly in social impacting, and our doors are always open to hear your views in how best to improve relationships between domestic workers and their employers.


We are also looking for community managers who are responsible in handling the placement of domestic workers with families in Dubai. Check out our job posting here:


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Location :

Tadbeer Center Beside EQUITI Metro (Exit 2) footbridge

Sheikh Zayed Road

Parking in Basement

Open Daily 8am-8pm ( except Fridays)


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