Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Apr 16, 2018
Training for Maids-Nannies-Housekeepers

Maids (in Dubai) are generally complete beginners, uneducated, and no experience. That's what a traditional maid was! She came traditionally from her country to live and work, and at the same  learning and earning at the same time.

Years ago, Maids coming into Dubai were orphans, or poor workers who came from larger families and needed money to feed their family. They were embraced as part of the family, and traditionally the female head of household would be the one taking care of training, and mentoring the worker along. There are many families in the UAE who have had maids retiring from service after 20+ years. Many of these maids stay on living in the family home, which they now consider to be their home. Some of these workers brought extended family members to Dubai to learn and work in the same family.

Maids are still complete beginners, and as such require training and mentoring throughout their working lives. Most have no knowledge of working electrical appliances, nor understanding of good laundry and ironing. They know even less between fabrics requiring washing versus dry cleaning. A life time of skills cannot be taught in a matter of days. Women in the west learnt housekeeping through the advancement of a nations economic growth, the rise of film , media , advertising, and home improvement stores brought about a revolution in how we all lived. We all learnt housekeeping as an ongoing basis....visiting department stores, luxury brand advertising, and the rise of travel and tourism.

Maids, on the other hand leave their home land, some of them barely knowing how to wash a vessel. It takes a lot of mind mapping to even navigate their way through a wadrobe ( some of these girls come with 2-3 or 4 clothes items in their suitcases) and know very little of "luxury" living.

Training of a maid is imperative to her well being and the understanding of her role in the home.

We offer on going training, and one-one in the homes . No 2 homes operate the same system of housekeeping and each and every lady of her own home likes her bed made a certain way, and her cushions pummeled in such a manner!! therefore we get the greatest of results when we train inside the home of work.

Our modules are 12 weeks in duration, we visit with native language speaking trainers, and offer training-mentoring, and critical on-time assessment and feedback.

The lady in the photo is Ms Krishani from SriLanka, who has just completed a 12 week module ( Basic Housekeeping level 1.)

she had no English when she arrived, and can now understand basic written shopping list, and carries out the basic routines throughout her place of work. She is looking forward to advancing and learning, so that she dosnt feel so isolated, and she dreams to be part of the Housekeeping Co team!...we will be honored to have her. She is a lovely maid who will do really well under training.

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