TAW-TEEN (Emiratization)

Mar 21, 2018
TAW-TEEN (Emiratization)

Did you know that Taw-teen is the gateway to hiring Emiratis?

Today we hired 5 Emiratis for our Typing section ( Data processing, entry permits, emirates ID , Medical Typing etc) , they are in effect designated as Customer Happiness Representatives.

The MOHRE and Tawteen offered a 2 day recruitment drive at the Maydan Hotel in Dubai, where we were honoured that the Minister , H.E Yasser Al Hamily paid a visit and gave words of encouragement to prospective interviewees, and our management team.

WE were impressed by the enthuastic turn out, and the quality of candidates available. WE continue to seeks candidates for several other main key positions throughout our Tadbeer Service Centre. Please check our JOBS section for availability.

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