Best Maids Available- AED2,500pm

Jun 18, 2016
Best Maids Available- AED2,500pm

Book your Nanny-Housekeeper NOW-Spread the payments

Book NOW-Pay in 3 monthly installments

Nanny-Housekeeper- Plan ahead for after the summer holidays


Just like any other “maid” “nanny” or “domestic helper”-only Better


Works-5 days a week, -1 day off,  1 day for Training

Committed to a 2 year placement

Higher Productivity due to supervision and training

Strong Motivation-Professional support 365 days a year


Ethical and Fair Recruitment

The Housekeeping Co. ethically sources, recruits, trains, and manages all domestic employees on your behalf.

We ensure safe recruitment corridors between countries, whereby the primary recruitment is done with NO fees been charged to the candidate, and the candidate is chosen on her qualifications, and Not on the ability to pay agency fees. We match the right family with the best candidate. It’s a 2 sided approach, listening and understanding your requirement, to understanding her capabilities. Our aim is for these girls to succeed, and for you our clients to be happy with having the best trained and supported Housekeepers in the world.

The Maid-The Nanny-The Housekeeper-An Ideal Candidate

All Nanny- Housekeepers must be educated to a minimum Grade 12 in English language taught curriculum.

They must be debt free, and willing to undergo a 24 month Trainee Nanny-Housekeeper Program (with Emphasis on either Childcare, Cooking, or Advance Housekeeping Practices)

All must attend a pre-departure orientation. This in country pre-departure orientation prepares them for social, cultural and professional expectations being understood. We also ensure all candidates are fully supported by their families in their decision to work abroad.

All candidates must complete a family report, in order that we may understand their responsibilities, and we offer a high level of accountability in cases of emergency leave requests.

Their job description is clear and defined in exactly the hours, expectations, accommodation, location, and a brief is given about the family before the candidate departs from their country of origin. 

The Host Family (The Sponsor)

Families will be visited prior to an allocation of any Nanny-Housekeeper, and will be supported throughout the 24 months.

Families are considered to be a HOST, with the responsibility to provide approved accommodation, bed space, attached bathroom, and agree to supply food and all personal grocery shopping being paid as part of family expenses.

Families have the choice to have their Housekeeper learn an emphasis in:

·       Childcare and Maternity Nursing

·       Cooking, and Service

·       Advance Housekeeping


The Support

Housekeeping Co will handle all recruitment, and all required embassy, and overseas labor office red tape. All Application for UAE visa done by our Administration.

Ongoing management includes job description, settling in, job scope, and a full Housekeeping Manual for the new Nanny-Housekeeper

Your new Nanny-Housekeeper will attend classroom tuition once a week, (usually Saturdays) followed by afternoon excursions to places of educational interest. This gives your family privacy and time to bond and just be FAMILY!

She is your family Nanny-Housekeeper, under your sponsorship, living in….we are the conduit to getting the best from your Housekeeper, and maintaining her interest, training and development throughout her 24 month traineeship.

Our call center is manned 365 days, and your Nanny-Housekeeper will be assigned to a dedicated Native Language Housekeeping Supervisor, specifically assigned to your Nanny-Housekeeper throughout her 24 month program.

 If required The Housekeeping Co can send in replacement Nanny-Housekeeper on training days, and have the ability to support in times of sickness or vacation leave.


Great Benefits to YOU!-the sponsor

We offer continued support and guidance throughout the 24 months period.

·       No more run-aways-

·       No more lazy depressed

·       365 Day support and Emergency Assistance

·       Effective Communication.=Greater Understanding

·       Professional Industry Expertise

·       Longer retention of staff

·       Protective Supervision for Families in times of Vacation

·       Higher Efficiency and Productivity throughout the working days 



Source Country-Candidate


Pro and Legal Formalities Service


GDRFA Sponsorship ( Immigration)


Total Fees* Payable in 3 monthly installments

AED 17,100

Monthly Fees Thereafter**

AED 2,500


*Fees are inclusive:

•         Overseas Recruitment- Deployment costs including flights

•         PRO and Legal Services

•         VISA and Sponsorship Fees (subject to change if UAE VISA fees increase, or overseas recruitment, or deployment fees increase.


**Monthly AED 2,500 which includes the following; 

·       Monthly Salary Paid direct to your Trainee Housekeeper on the last Saturday of each month.

·       Professional Specialist Training and mentoring once a week.

·       Driver Collection and Drop to your Home

·       365 days Call Centre Support

·       Native language Supervisor

·       All Human Resources +HR-Compliance Management (Job Roles, Integration and orientation into the job, full staff HR support, Sick Leave replacement option, Extra Cover option, HR-Disciplinary, HR-Motivation, HR Appraisals, Vacation Entitlement, Holiday Cover, Supervision /Check Up when family on Vacation.


·       Graduation Ceremony with Certificate

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