Qualified Nanny Program (UK Standard Level 3)

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Families in the UAE expect their Nannies to be experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of child-care. Very few domestic workers currently engaged in child-care have any level of qualification and all come with varying child-care routines and experience - some good, some not so good! Our Qualified Nanny Program is essential for families to be feel confident that their Nanny has at-least some formalized education around child-care. Child-care is a profession and an important supporting family role and as such should be treated as seriously as it is in other countries like to UK, USA and Europe. Your child’s well-being is in the hands of your nanny.

My Nanny has 3 years previous experience

Previous experience accounts for a lot, however the quality of experience is subjective to each individual family, Your methods of child rearing are not the same as your neighbors! It is still good practice to have your new nanny engage on the Qualified Nanny Program , as it also provides 3rd party critical feedback on her skill-set , participation and levels of capabilities for the role.

The Trial Period.

If you are hiring your own “Nanny” from the local market, or have hired somebody from a recommendation via Facebook!, it is critical to ensure and understand your Nanny needs trained and assessed for her skills by Housekeeping Institute. All workers perform their best for your initial trail period in your home, however cracks can soon begin to appear after their visa is finalized. Our training separates the good intended from the bad and develops enthusiastic and upskilled Nannies ready to join. Upskilling your maid or nanny is mutually beneficial and makes a worker feel validated and appreciated, whilst families can be assured that there is structure to her knowledge with best practices.


Early Years Education

  • EYFS core principals
  • Positive Discipline and Behaviour
  • Play Based Learning
  • Child Development
  • Child Protection

Paediatric First Aid

  • Responsibilities of the First Aider
  • Assessing an Emergency Situation
  • Managing an unresponsive infant or child
  • The Respiratory System
  • Wounds and Bleeding
  • Fractures and Dislocations
  • Shock
  • Dealing with illness.

Housekeeping Management

  • Housekeeping Duties
  • Cleaning Solutions, tools and equipment
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • 4 Hour Housekeeping Routine
  • Time management and Mind Mapping

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