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BOOK your worker into the Housekeeping Institute Residential Training Center. Great time for upskilling and maintaining professional etiquette in all aspects of the curriculum.
Students are given the time to up-skill in a professionally managed environment and can focus 100% on their education and improving their professional skills.
This is suitable for Families who may be going on vacation, and don’t wish to leave their worker alone in the family home.
Upskilling your maid or nanny is mutually beneficial and makes a worker feel validated and appreciated, whilst families can be assured that there is structure to her knowledge with best practices.
The center offers intensive residential and practical approach to child-care specializing in The RealCare Baby Program , Caregivers Program and Qualified Nanny Program (UK Standard) The center offers a real experience utilizing life like simulators and curriculum to help understand the physical, emotional and social effects of caring for an infant or elderly 24 hours a day.
The Training Institute is a specifically furnished and fully equipped training facility to replicate actual real life and residential scenarios.
Minimum period 10-14 days includes all courses , accommodation, meals and training completion certificate.
All Candidates must provide a PCR COVID-negative certificate before onboarding.
All departing candidates will be taken for PCR.

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