FREE Check-up for Mammogram and Self-Examination for Domestic Workers

The Pink Ribbon is known throughout the world as an international symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness.
According to the World Health Organization breast cancer ranks 2nd after lung cancer as the highest death rate and is most prevalent amongst low-middle income populations.

Throughout the world, domestic workers are the least visible members of a work force, yet they create a massive impact on each society and family they are working for.


Domestic workers are our daughters, sisters and mothers of valuable communities, and we need to include them in Breast Cancer Awareness.

Throughout the UAE, Housekeeping Co has encouraged over 1,500+ families to give valuable time off for their worker to attend a FREE Check up for Mammogram, and Breast Cancer Awareness, and the importance of Breast Self-Examination.

Economically developed Countries have embraced their own public health announcements, In the UK and Europe it is common to see breast cancer awareness campaigns everywhere, the doctor’s surgery, schools, universities, public transport, offices, staff notice boards, supermarkets, coffee shops etc.

Throughout the UAE, there are many wonderful initiatives for health awareness campaigns, Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) seeing even the Burg Al Arab turning PINK.

However not all women have the same access to awareness as others, and hence we are reaching out to domestic and household workers who have limited exposure to public information due to the nature of their jobs (they don’t work in an Office environment; they work alone and are sometimes not out in public for a week at a time. This reduces their ability to be educated by any Public Awareness Campaigns.

Housekeeping Co together with PINK caravan have joined forces to educate all Domestic Workers in the UAE about Breast Cancer and the importance of self-examination.

Our Campaign reaches into communities and families throughout Dubai to encourage domestic workers to come for a FREE Check up for Mammogram and Self-Examination inside our PINK caravan located at Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co, beside FAB Metro (EXIT 2) Shk Zayed Road.


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