Human Resources / Payroll Officer

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  • Posted 18 weeks ago

The Housekeeping Institute provides training and upskilling to all domestic and household workers in the UAE.

JOB Brief:

The Housekeeping Institute is searching for a candidate who will be involved in the following set of  responsibilities: implementation and training of housekeeping system; preparing training tools and operations manual; and system planning support, electronic follow-up, and customer care support.


Candidates must ideally have the following:

Hotel School Degree or

4 years of housekeeping management experience;

strong writing and verbal skills; proficiency in Word, Excel, and Email; and the willingness to work non-conventional hours including: weekends, evening shifts and holidays.

Responsibilities: (And Social Impacting)

The Housekeeping Institute specializes in providing up-skilling to all domestic and household workers, and acts as a bridge to effective Housekeeping Management, and strong on going relations with the engaging client.

Upskilling workers assists in their educational, personal and career development, and allows returning workers to have a sense of achievement, in an industry where they are often overlooked.

The training manager will ideally be female, and from a Housekeeping background, with working experience in staff training in either palace operations, or hospitality industry.

The Domestic workers who come to work in the UAE are affecting the lives of 2 families; The family they left behind in their country of origin, and the family they are working for in the UAE.

Training is highly impacting on society, and contributes towards better treatment of domestic workers.

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